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mr.d reading final

pursuit the act of chasing in order to catch
fiscal having to do with finances
dialogue a conversation between two or more persons
feuding quarrreling or fighting
squtter someone who settled illegally on land
sacred considerd holy related to religoius ceremonies
inferior lower in status or rank
myth tales that explain actions of gods goddess or heros who interact with them
inarticulate unable to express ones self
commotion noisy movment
indulgent tolerant not strict or critical
shriveled wrinkled dried up or shrunk
spindly long and thin
personification human charachteristics given to non human subjects
kindled built or lit
cordially warm or heartfelt
intuition abilty to sense or know immediatly with out reasoning
meager lacking in some way inadequate
drought lack of rain
apprehension a fearful feeling about what will happen next
resolute showing a firm purpose determind
satisfactory adequate sufficent to meet a requirment
indignant filled with anger at injustice
discharged firred or released from something
meticulous extremely careful about details
insufferable unbearable
conspicuous noticeable
cyclone tornado
sparse thinly spread; in a small amount
bellowing swelling or surging
native relative to teh place of ones birth
idioms expressions that develop in a language or region
discrepancies differences, inconsistancies
unabashed unashamed
ostenatiously in a showy way
(:HAUGHTY:) proud and superior,scornful to others
guileless without deciet or trickery; innocent
hyperbole exaggeration or overstatement
monologue a long uninterrupted speech spoken by a person
commenced started, began
fatalist one who believes that all events are determined by fate and cannot be changed
rickety weak or likely to break
fugitives people fleeing from danger
shanties roughly built cabins or shacks
fable brief stories that often feature animals that act like humans
pitiful arousing sympathy or pity
pestering constant bothering AKA MR.D!!!!
criteria standards or tests by which someting can be judged
Created by: merker97
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