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Chapter 12 Vocab

Technique chart A listing of exposure factors for various radiographic examinations performed in a facility.
Caliper A tool for body part measurement where the main shaft is a strip of metal, calibrated in both inches and centimeters. The shaft has two perpendicular extensions, one that is permanently fixed, and one that is mobile.
Variable kVp Chart A guide based upon specific mAs values for each view and then varying the kilovoltage based on patient/part thickness.
Optimum kVp The highest kVp setting that will produce sufficient contrast for acceptable film quality.
Fixed kVp chart A guide for optimum kVp values is established for each view and the mAs is varied according to the patient/part thickness.
Radiographic Phantom A human skeleton encased in a plastic material that is similar in density to human tissue.
Compensating Filter A specially designed attenuating device that is used to compensate for variations in tissue density. It can be placed between the radiographic tube and the IR.
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