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Force and Motion-6th

Force and Motion

We throw a paper airplane outside. The wind pushes back on it with 5N. Will the force of the wind decrease or increase the acceleration of the plane? Decrease acceleration of plane.
A push or pull is called? force
Speed is figured by... Distance divided by time.
What is speed? 50 miles in 2 hours? 25 mph
Ball won't move until you kick it!! What law? Newton's First Law
The impact or force of an object depends on its acceleration and the mass of it!! What law? Newton's Second Law
The larger the mass, the more force is needed to push or pull it.
If you want something to have a greater acceleration, usually the easiest thing to do is to change the ..... size of the object, decrease the mass or increase force.
Two cars traveling down roads, and Car A is slower. Car A's road probably has a road with more or less friction? Car A which is slower has most friction, slowing car down.
What force pulls objects down to earth? gravity
The larger the mass the stronger the pull of pull of gravity.
Newton's third law? For every action, there is an equal.... and opposite reaction.
Point A is at top of inclined plane and B at the bottom of hill. Which will show greatest speed and greatest kinetic energy? Point at bottom, top speed.
John ran a 9 mile race in 4 hours. What was his average speed? Use the formula AND A CALCULATOR. 2.25 miles per hour. Distance divided by time.
Point A at top of hill, and Point B at bottom of hill. Which points shows least kinetic energy? Point A as it has potential
Car stops, you go forward. This shows __________. inertia or Newton's first law
A ball on top of a hill or a ball speeding down a hill....which would show the most kinetic energy? Ball speeding down a hill.
When your parent stops really fast in the car, you go forward. What law does this illustrate? Newton's first law which is inertia.
Newton's Second Law is illustrated when it takes more force to move an object with less or more mass? It takes more force to move an object with more mass
Carpet or smooth metal. Which has most friction? carpet
Amount of matter in an object is its mass
A heavy boy on end of a see saw and a lighter boy on the other end would be an example of what type of force? unbalanced
Created by: mrsyoung