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The feeling you get when you are in a great cathedral or look up at the stars and feel there is something much greater than you are Awe
Very similar feeling to awe Numinous
When your life is changed by giving yourself to god Conversion
Gaining direct contact with God in things like visions and trances Mystical
Something which seems to break a law of sciences and makes you think that only god could have don Miracle
The explosion which scientists believe began the universe Big Bang
Actions done by humans which cause suffering Moral evil
Things like earthquakes and floods which cause suffering and have nothing to do with humans Natural evil
The belief that god is good/kind Benevolent
The belief that god is all powerful and can do anything Omnipotent
The belief that God knows everything that has happened and that is going to happen Omniscient
Living together without being married Cohabitation
A married person having sex with someone other than their marriage partner Adultery
The legal ending of a marriage Divorce
Marriage to one partner only Monogamy
Marriage to more than one partner at a time Polygamy
Being married to only one person at a time, but divorcing and remarrying several times Serial Monogamy
Mother, father and children living as a unit Nuclear family
Grandparents/aunts/uncles living as a unit mother, father and children: or living very close and having a lot of contact Extended family
Where there has been a separation divorce or death and only one of the parents is involved in bringing up the children One-Parent family
Being sexually attracted to members of the same sex Homosexuality
Being sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex Heterosexuality
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