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chapter 18

chemical texture services-exam review

permanent waving, relaxing, and curl reformation are all examples of ____ services chemical texture
what is the potential hydrogen (pH) of natural hair? 4.5-5.5
true or false? carse hair with a compact cuticle layer requires a highly acidic chemical solution false (alkaline... not acidic)
a ___ bond is the strongest side bond, that can only be broken by chemical services. they are the least abundant side bond disulfide
____ bonds are weak bonds that can be broken by changes in pH. there are an abundance of them salt
____ bonds are the weakest side bond. they are the most abundant, and can be broken by heat and water hydrogen
a ___ bond is strong chemical bond thats formed when sulfur atoma in a adjacent protein are joined together disulfide
___ bonds are weak physical side bonds. they are a result of an attraction between negative and positive electrical charges salt
____ side bonds are weak physical bonds. they are a result of an attraction between opposite electrical charges. hydrogen
each side bond accounts for ____ of the overall strength of the hair 1/3rd
in order to find out why a client wants a texture service, and what results thay are expecting, what type of questions should you ask that require more than just a "yes" or "no" answer? open ended questions
the condition, texture, and ____ of the hair must be evaluated in order to determine if the desired style is posible wave pattern
how can you test hair for metallic salts? mix 1oz of 20 volume peroxide with 20 dropsof 28% amonia. immerse at least 20 strands of hair int he solution for 30 mins. if the salts aren'tpresent, the hair willlighten slightly.
please define texture as it partains to this chapter coarse, medium, or fine(the fabric of hair you're working with)
what type of hair usually requires more processing time and is usually more resistant to that processing? coarse hair
what type of hair processes easily and is more susceptible to damage from chemical texture services? fine
define porosity the ability of hair to absorb moisture. it's directly related to the condition of the cuticle layer
what type of rods are most commonly used to produce a tighter curl in the center and looser curl on either side? concave rods
____ is the main ingredient in alkaline perms and thio relaxers ATG
true or false? GMTG is the main ingredient in acid waves true
describe te difference between endothermid and exothermic waves exothermic- create an exothermic chemical reaction that heats up the solution, and speeds up the processing time endothermic- it's activated by outside heat sources; usually a conventional hood-type dryer
what type of hair are alkaline perms recommended for? coarse,thick, or resistant
what effect can perm solution have on colored hair if not properly rinsed? scalp irritation, and unwanted lightening of the hair
what is another name for a bsaic perm wrap? straight set wrap
describe curvature perm the movement curves within sectioned out panels. the parts and bases radiate throughout the panels to follow the curvature of the head
chemical hair relaxers rearrange the structure of curly hair into a ____ or ____ form stright or smoother
the most common type of chemical relaxers are hydroxide and ____ thio (ammonium thioglycolate)
true or false? disulfide bonds cannot be rebuilt with a thio relaxer false
what pH does thio relaxers have on the pH scale? 10
what pH does hydroxide relaxers have on the pH scale? 12 to 13
____ is when hydroxide relaxers remove a sulfur atom from a disulfide bond, converting it into a Ianthionine bond Ianthionization
what relaxers are the oldest and most commonly used, that are also known as lye relaxers? sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
which type of relaxer completely straightens the hair? guanidine hydroxide relaxers
whats the difference between a base relaxer and a no base relaxer? base relaxer require application of protective base cream to the entire scalp prior to application of the relaxer, and no base relaxer doesnt require application of protective base cream
what is the name of the soft curl permanent that was named after beauty pioneered Jheri Redding? Jheri curl or simply a curl
true or false? hair that has been treated with metallic salts can be relaxed false (they CAN NOT be relaxed)
processing time is determined by what 4 things? 1. strength of the relaxer 2. hair type 3. hair condition 4. desired result
what strength relaxer should be used on very coarse, extremely curly, and resistant hair for maximum straightening? super-strength relaxers
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