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R & J Chilton

UNRUH 9th Grade English

Who was Romeo's peacemaking friend? Benvelio
Who falls in love with Juliet? Romeo
Caretaker of Juliet Nurse
Marries Romeo and Juliet Friar Laurence
Romeo's wisecracking friend Mercutio
Juliet's father Lord Capulet
Romeo's parents Lord and Lady Montague
Killed Mercutio Tybalt
Romeo's first love Rosaline
Why was Romeo going to the Capulet party? He was hoping to see Rosaline, and his buddies wanted him to forget about Rosaline and meet some other girls.
How is Rosaline different from Juliet? Rosaline did not return his feelings, Juliet did.
Why was it a bad idea for Juliet to fall in love with Romeo? Her family was involved in a long-standing feud with Romeo's family.
How did Tybalt die? He was killed by Romeo
What did Romeo's and Juliet's parents play in their marriage and eventual death? They did not play a role in the marriage other than that both families were involved in the feud. After their death, the families were chastised by the Prince for their feud.
Who is Friar Laurence? He married Romeo and Juliet, and he also gave Juliet the vial of liquid that would mimic death. He also planned the "death" and retrieval by Romeo.
Who is Paris? He should have married Juliet, but she decided that she loved Romeo. He waned to married Juliet immediately.
Describe the nurse. She loves and cares for Juliet. She ran errands for her by carrying messages to Romeo. She rambles on in the play
plunder to take (property) by force, especially in warfare
valor great courage, especially in battle
guile slyness; craftiness; skillful deception
ponderous having great weight or bulk
tried tested
hold regard, consider
formidable causing fear, dread, awe, or admiration as a result of size, strength, power, or some other impressive quality.
contending fighting or dueling with difficulty
weathered got through safely; survived
nymph young or beautiful, or minor goddess representing divine power of a place or something in nature, such as a tree, cave, or body of water
immortal living forever
Created by: mcunruh