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QA ch1,2

QA ch 1,2

Who was the father of scientific management? Fredrick winslow taylor
What are the 3 modes of transmission of diseases? air, droplet, contact
What is the 3500 A used for? Mandatory reporting to the FDA
What is the 3500 used for? voluntary reporting to the FDA
When was HIPPA enacted? 1996
When did the MQSA law become effective? (MAMMO) oct 1, 1994
The measurement of the level of quality at some point in time with no effort to change or improve the level of care? Quality Assessment!
How many levels are there to Quality Control? 3
Non-invasive and complex- tech trained in QA? Level II
Invasive and A physicist or engineer comes in and does? Level III
How many points are there to Edward Dennings points to management? 14
What is the 80-20 rule? 80% of the problems are a result of 20% of the cause
Individuals or groups within the organization, referring docs, hospital employees, departments, departmental employees? Internal customers
What are External customers? patients, their families, third party payers, and the community
What level is air, droplet, and contact, when concerning the transmission of diseases? level 2 or tier 2
What are inpatients considered at first when they are just admitted? external customers
How many steps to QM does JACHO offer? 10
What is standard deviation? Range of variation surrounding the mean, or the spread or distribution of a data set
What does the fishbone chart demonstrate? the cause and effect
What is the histogram? A data display tool in the form of a bar graph that often plots the most frequent occurrences (frequency distribution) of a quantity.
What is a sample? When concerning statistical analysis the number of items actually measured
What is the number of times a value occurs termed? frequency
What is Risk Management? System or process for identification, analysis, and evaluation of risks and the selection of the best way to minimize them
Any activity that costs a facility either money or its reputation is a? Loss potential
What is the effective dose (EfD) for diagnostic x-rays? 39 mrem
What is the EfD for background radiation? Avg of 360 mrem/yr
How many classifications are there of medical devices, when concerning the FDA? 3
Who is responsible for establishing safety standards? OSHA
What are some ways to protect your patient from radiation? High kVp-low mAs, high speed receptors, proper filtration,collimation,avoiding repeats, and shielding
What is the maximum dose allowed for the visitors in an x-ray department? .5rem/yr
What is the maximum total effective dose for personnel? 5 rem/yr
Lead must be at least _____ mm thick and cover __________ % of active bone marrow of the person wearing it. .5/75-80%
What is the maximum radiation dose to a fetus/yr of an occupational worker? .5 rem
What are the 3 factors to be done when possible every time you are in radiation?????? TIME, DISTANCE, AND SHIELDING
Created by: radgirl37