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Chapter 10 Vocab

Safelight Special light fixtures fitted with filters. Permits only the passage of light frequencies to which the film is least sensitive.
Film Bin A special container in the darkroom to hold film for reloading cassettes. Can only be opened under safelight illumination.
Film Identification Printer A flasher or stamper used to print patient information on each film prior to processing.
Crescent mark An artifact formed by attempting to hold a film horizontal with one hand and allowing it to bend.
Pass box A feature used to transfer film to and from the darkroom while it is in use.
Densitometer An instrument used to measure the transmission of light through a tiny area of the film.
Sensitometer A device that prints a standard gray scale on a film.
Film dryer A metal cabinet with an electric heating coil and a fan to circulate air.
Artifact An erroneous portion of an image or tracing that does not accurately represent the subject of the image or measurement being recorded.
Automatic Film Processor A processor requiring 3 minutes or less to process film from start to finish. This is made possible primarily by the increased strength and temperature of solutions.
Base + Fog An index indicating the average measurement of the clear portion of the test film. The usual value for the index is an optical density between 0.0 and 0.20.
Manual Film Processing System A film developing process that uses a large tank plumbed for constant water flow and has smaller chemical tanks for developer and fixer that are placed inside the water tank.
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