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Chptrs1-7 Structure

The Writing Process, Prewriting, and Thesis (RL)

Joe sits at a desk, the essay topic in front of him. His roommate observes that he is doing little more than staring out the window, yet when asked what he is doing, Joe claims that he is working on his essay. Which part of the writing process is Joe in? Prewriting
As Cathleen reads the essay topic, she makes a list of all the ideas that come into her head as she is thinking. In what step of the writing process is Cathleen, and what is she producing? Prewriting, Brainstorm
As soon as Doris finishes reading the topic, she starts writing furiously about everything she can think of when she is processing the essay topic. In what step of the writing process is Doris, and what is she producing? Prewriting, Free write
As Carly looks back over her list of ideas, she sees that there are three that would make really good points. On another piece of paper she begins to doodle a map of these ideas. In what step of the writing process is Carly, and what is she producing? Prewriting, Cluster map
Terrance knows he has to write his paper, and he knows what points he wants to develop, but he still feels scattered and disorganized. What should Terrance do to organize his thoughts in the most useful way to start his essay? Outline
Ambrose's professor said that his essay lacked focus and direction and that the paragraphs were random and disconnected. What does Ambrose need to make sure that he provides for his reader? A thesis statement and strong topic sentences.
Martha’s professor told her that her paper seemed choppy and was hard to follow. What element of essay construction does Martha need to improve before her next essay? Coherence
Theo’s professor wrote “Off topic” several times on his essay. Theo knew when he wrote the paper that everything connected because he had a thorough outline. If Theo’s paper doesn’t lack unity in his own head, what is most likely to be the problem? Coherence/ Use of transitions
Lonnie’s essay needed to be five pages. He had an outline, strong topic sentences, and intelligent points, when he typed out the draft, it was only three pages. What can Lonnie do to get those last two pages? Support/Use examples and comparisons to develop his supporting details.
Elizabeth’s professor put question marks on her essay. When she approached him, he told her that her paper went off on tangents about unrelated ideas that got him off track. What does Elizabeth need to concentrate on improving for the next essay? Unity
What two elements MUST be in every topic sentence? The main topic and the specific point for development
Rhonda’s professor that her essay didn’t seem to answer the prompt and gave her a chance to redo the essay. Rhonda’s error was likely a breakdown in which stage of the writing process? Revision
What is the difference between revision and proofreading? In revision, a writer concentrates on the “big picture”; in proofreading, the writer concentrates on minute details.
What is the purpose of a Top-to-Bottom read-through? To check coherence, sentence structure and flow.
What is the purpose of a Bottom-to-Top read-through? To separate each sentence and make it easier to see sentence structure and grammatical errors.
What is the single most important thing a student can do to improve his or her essay grade? Read back through the essay to eliminate obvious grammar and spelling errors
Why is an introduction an important element of any essay? It “warms up” the reader by introducing the topic and presenting the thesis
Why is a conclusion an important element in any essay? It sums up the main points that the writer made in the body of the essay and reiterates the thesis: it's the last impression that the reader is left with.
Created by: HGTC Eng 100