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Yoga finals


What is another name for Asanas? Posture
What is the psyological benifit of Yoga? Calming the mind, decreasing anxeity and depression
1 phyiscal benifit of Yoga? decreasing Blood pressure
Describe how to use the "5" yr old. side to side, jump, bend knees, legs wider then hips, open motuh and make funny sounds, shake, release all extremities.
What is the "5" yr old for? top loosen everything up
What posture eases the back and brings forth a sence of calm? the child pose
What is a psyicological benifit of meditation? decreases BP, releases tension in the body.
What is a psyicological benifit of yoga? decrease anxiety, calm the mind.
What two things make up Hatha yoga? Breathing, posture
What is meditation? Awareness! Being in the present moment
What is 1 style of Hatha yoga? Kudalini, Vinyassa, kripalu
Describe the style of Kudalini awaking the base of the spine. Awaking kudalini energy
Describe the style of Vinyassa flowing yoga
What is the purpose of the "guess what game"? To raise vibration. postive feeback
How do you do the CAT pose? Down on all 4s, push ur spine up towards the sky. and chin 2 chest. and tuck your tail bone in
How do u do the DOG pose? start @ up, table on all 4's, spine down, chin up, chin up, tail bone up.
What pose do u never turn ur head? The plow or shoulder stand
What is "the secert" the law of attraction
How do you do the downward dog pose? start at table., press heals down, press hands into ground, lift tail bone as high as u can, and lengthen spine and back.
How do u do "the tree" pose? stand on 1 leg, oppsite ft into the ankle or thing, bring hand into pray position at the heart, and lift hands over head.
What does your #6 mean? its your inner teacher, so u dont hurt urself.
How do u do the bridge? start on ur back, arms by ur side, bend ur knees, ft flat onto floor,press ft into floor, and being lifting 1 veterbra at a time slowly.
How do u do the Cobra? lie on belly, legs together, press tops of feet down, bring hands under next to arm pits, hands flat and fingers open, elbows close to body, press side and pubic bones down as u press palms down, lengthen and lift chest.
Is Prana the same as breath? No
What is Prana? Means life energy, or "vital life"
What do you use in yoga class to modify a pose? Props!
Another name for Tadassana? Mountain pose
Laying down, thinking, Being with the ft and moving upward 2 each part of the body. what is this? Progressive relaxation
Another name for breathing Techs or mastering the breath? Pranayama
Another name for Ujayii? Ocean sounding breath
This reduces stress hormones, and increases natural killer cells and destroys virus. What is it? LAUGHTER
When faced w tiger body goes into what state? Fight or flight-Sympathetic nervous system-palms get sweaty, increase HR, pupils dilate, increased ms tension.
What is it called at the end of yoga, lay flat, feet hip length apart? Corpse Pose
Another name for integrate the postures? Spinal relaxation
Used by top athletics to prepare themselves to WIN? Visualization
Inhale count 2 4, exhale count to 4 4 squared breathing
How do you do the breathe of joy? inhale bring arm up, exhale bring arms down. Repeat-Conducting an orchestra.
Energy Exercise that releases stress by laughter? the HA HA breath!
Define Hatha HA- SUN ATHA-Moon
What determines good stress and bad stress? how YOU perceive it!
Another name for belly breathing? Diaphragmatic breathing
Father of Yoga? Patanjali
What is psychoneuroimmunology? connect btw thought and additude, and Hasan a effect of the immune system.
Define yoga unite or union!
another name for Vipasanna? mindful meditation
Result of attachment? suffering(like not forgiving)
What is the name of the story about Lord Kirsha and his student Arjuna, Compresshensive describtion of yoga? Bhagavad Gita
Created by: Nicolercronin11



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