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Radiation Safety & Axial Skeletal

The most common grid for portable and mobile x-rays are? 5:1,6:1 and 8:1 page138 Long
The part on the x-ray tube that allows you to change the size of the radiation field is? Collimator
This suture divides the skull from side to side and separates the parietal bones. Sagittal Suture
What x-ray view of the skull do you see the sella turcica? Lateral view of the skull
If the centering is positioned on the midclavicular line at approimate level of tip xipoid process, what are you positioning? Lower posterior Ribs
The central ray is perpendicular to the center of the film, through the midpoint of the sternum for, what are you positioning? Lateral Sternum
This is the passageway for the spinal columun. Foramen magnum
Shallow breathing should be used for what exam? Sternum.
On this view the central ray enters 2 inches above the EAM Lateral view of the skull.
On this view the central ray is angled 15 degrees caudad and exits through the nasion. PA Axial Caldwell.
This is the distance between the patient and the IR. OID Object Image Distance
All skull views including the Submentovertex SMV use what size films. 10 x 12 size film
When x-rays are absorbed, their energy is? Attenuated.
The principal source of scatter radiation is the? Patient.
What is the radiation called that happens as result of the interaction within the patient. Scatter radiation.
This grid ratio is used for head units and chest radiographs. A 12:1 Grid
This absorts scatter radiation and allows remnant radiation to pass through to the IR. Lead Strips in the grid.
The SI unit for equivalent dose measurement is? Sievert
There are how many pairs of true ribs? Seven
There are how many pair of false ribs? Five
Which facial view best demonstrates the frontal and ethmoid sinuses? Caldwell
The antra of Highmore is also called? Maxillary sinuses
On this view the central ray is aligned to the midpoint of the nasal bone. Nasal Bones.
The superior portion of the sternum is? Manubrium
The mid portion of the sternum is? The Body
The inferior portion of the sternum is? Xiphoid process
Attenuation is? The process of absorbng x-ray beams.
Which sinuses are situated between the orbits and anterior to the sphenoid sinuses? Ethmoidal sinuses.
The FFD is the same as the? Source to Image Distance, FFD means Focal Film Distance
This view the central ray enters perpendicular to IOML through the midline and passing 3/4" anterior to the level of the EAM. Cranial Base view also known as the SMV, Submentovertex.
Using the shorest exposure time as possible on a chest radiograph will? Improve detail and lower motion artifact.
When x-raying the mandible the mouth should be? Closed
In conventional system 1 rad is equal to ________ in conventional. one rem or one R
The cheek bones are also know as? The zygomas
Remnant radiation can be described as the radiation that? Has passed through the patient and reaches the IR.
Fog is produce by? Scatter radiation
The protuberance in the center of the lower margin of the mandible is? The mental protuberance
The protuberance inbetween the eyebrows it the? Glabella
The central ray is angled 25 degrees cephald to the center of the film 1 1/2" below the externalocciptal protuberance on what view? The PA Axial HAAS view, reverse of the Towne view.
The Upper PA and Oblique Ribs can be used to see? Ribs 1-10 anteriorly
When kvp is decreased fog is? Fog is decreased
When kVp is increased fog is? Fog is increased
The highest ESE (Entrance Skin Exposure) is? Abdomen
When the mentomeatal line is perpendicular to the flim and infraorbital line forms a 37 degree angle to the film which exam is this? Waters view of the skull
RAD x Wr = rem Radiation absorbed dose x weight factor = radiation equivalent man.
Pa Oblique of upper anterior ribs, the upper margin of the film is? 1.5 - 2 inches above the spinous process of C7.
The portion of the x-ray room that is protects the technologist from scatter radiation is the? Control Booth
The acanthion is the? Junction of the nose and the upper lip.
Computed radiography (CR) eliminates the need for ? Darkrooms
When x-rays are absorbed their energy is ? Attenuated and Scattered
The image receptor (IR) can consists of ? Cassette and film, or cassette and phosphor plate, or digital capture devices in the table.
Maximum Permissible Dose (MPD)means? what is the amount for the technologist per year? It is the limit that the worker can receive in a year 5 rem.
Photoelectric Effect is? The difference in binding energy from an internal electron that has been dislodged and replaced by an external electron.
The upright sternum can be taken at two distances, what are they? SID of 40" or 72"
The greatest cause of unnecessary radiation exposure is? Repeat exposure.
This is where the rib connects to the thoracic vertebrae. Costovertebral articulations.
What twohave the highest GF/QF value? Fast neutrons and Alpha
This is taken when fog reduces the visiblity of the details. Spot films.
Nasal bones articulate posteriorly with the? Ethmoid.
The sutures between the parietal and the temporal bones are called? Squamosal Suture
Most grids have a image distance of? 40 and 72" SID
What is Thompson effect? When an incoming x-ray excites an atom and the atom produces a new x-ray photon.
The central ray is described as the? The line in the center of the x-ray beam that is perpendicular to the long axis of the x-ray tube.
The latent image is? When the image has been exposed, but not processed yet. It is on the film or the CR plate.
Pneumoconiosis is? Inflmmatory occupation lung disease caused by inhaling irritating dust.
Grid lines or grid cutoff is? Excessive absorption of useful radiation caused by improper grid alignment.
PA mandible uses what type of screens? Routine Screens
The size of the film for flouroscopy studies is? 24 x 24 cm
Computed radiography uses what instead of film? Phosphor material or phosphor plate.
FSD means Focal Spot Distance
The superior and middle nasal conchae are projections of what bone? Ethmoid
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