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General Stuff

dog training

H.E.C. stands for Happy excited cheerful
C.R.C.P. stands for Command Reprimand, command, Praise
The four basic temperaments are dominant fearful submissive hyper
A dogs training collar should be what link size for fast action 2.5 mm
If a do challenges its owner trainer it is showing which temperament dominant
If a dog cowers, gives no eye contact and no heckles it is showing which temperament Fearful
If a dog lowers their head to the point of laying down and going belly up it is showing which temperament Submissive
If a dog will not focus or pay attention to you with excessive energy it is showing which temperament hyperactive
If a dog is healthy but seem uninterested lazy without energy it is showing which temperament Lethargic
A crate should be how much bigger then the puppy 1.5 times the size of the adult dog
You feed a puppy how many times a day if not 4 months old yet three
After 4 months old but not 10 months old you feed a puppy how many times a day two
After 10 month old feed can be reduced to how many times a day one
A spray bottle, citronella collar, shaker can are tools you can use to correct what behavior Barking
Bitter Apple Spray, A crate, and E collar are tools you can use to correct what behavior Chewing
A water balloon, E collar, burying your dogs poop are tools you can use to correct what behavior Digging holes
Keeping a dog leashed to your waist, on a very tight feeding schedule, in a created if unsupervised are tools you can use to correct what behavior soiling
Kneeing a dog in the chest, Holding your dogs front paws and dancing, utilizing a St Anthony move are tools you can use to correct what behavior Jumping
Jerking a dogs chain downward with a verbal reprimand can be use to correct what behavior biting the leash
Making your dog sit with is waist under his nose for a minute can be use as part of a process to correct what behavior relieving in the home
Make your dog look at his poop while saying No three times can be use as part of a process to correct what behavior relieving in the home
Making your dog watch you clean up their waist and then taking it to a place you want them to relieve themselves is part of a process that teaches a dog to stop what behavior relieving in the home
Martin Gail, Electric, Pinch, Prong are what type of equipment collar
To induce vomit give your dog hydrogen peroxide
CPR A.B.C. are Airway, Breathing, Cardio
Holding a dog upside down from hind legs can be used to prevent drowning
A cardboard box in the back seat a car can be used to prevent car sickness
How old must a puppy be before getting it tattoo seven weeks
OFA Stands for orthopedic foundation of animals
The standard look for a purebred dogs is known as Conformation
Cropping a dogs ears generally happens between how may weeks of age ten to twelve
What can you add to your dog’s food to prevent pop eating deter forbid
Dew claws means two extra claws on the hind legs
When you remove part of a three day old dogs tail this is known as docking
Canned milk used in place of a mothers milk is called Esbilac
A lethal injection intentionally given to a dog is known as Euthanasia
What is fading puppy syndrome a puppy that suddenly loses its weight and strength
A puppies first meal of mushy soft food is known as gruel
Hair standing on a dogs back is called raised hackles
A week puppy can be given this to recover quickly karo syrup
To induce labor and suppress lactation you can administer oxytocin
A kennel for transporting a dog is called what Vari
A bitch in labor and delivering puppies is in what stage of pregnancy whelping
No sudden moves, clam demeanor, relaxed voice, calm body language can help you prevent getting bitten
Touching an injured dog even your own always comes with risk of getting bitten
What breed of dog is capable of biting you all
What may a dog do if feeling threatened, or don’t know you, are startled, or surprised from sleep bite
If a dogs excited, protecting it food, or territory, puppies or family it may bite
If a dogs prey drive is triggered it may bite
Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, and or Parvo can be abbreviated into DHLP
Distemper is spread from dog to dog usually via bedding
Hepatitis is spread from dog to dog usually via by these three ways urine, feces, saliva
Leptospiros is spread usually via Urine
Main source of Leptospiros is rats
Parainfluenza is part of which syndrome kennel cough
Another way to tell your dog to walk next to you on your left side without pulling or sniffing is heel
To tell you dog to sit next to you on your left side you say sit
When you tug on the leash you say at the same time no
To release a dog from a command you say ok
Created by: sdunn521
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