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dog training

At what age can a dog enter Schutzhund I competition 18 months
What is a perfect Schutzhund score 300
What is the minimum Schutzhund score 220
OFA certifies means that a dog should be free of hip disorder
The German work to arouse a dog to protection mode is Passauf
Three official types of identification you can use to id a lost dog are chip, tag, tattoo
Platz in German is a command to do what Down
Protection Dog in German is Schutzhund
In which trail does a Schutzhund dog show his search and rescue abilities none
Can a Doberman Pincer win a Bundessieger title no
Packen is the command to do what Get Him, Bite
To tell a Schutzhund dog Out you would say Aus
In order for a Schutzhund I title a dog must be 1 ½ years old and what pass companion dog B
A typical Schutzhund 1 has how many 90 degree turns two
How many blinds in a Schutzhund III title trail six
Who lays the track in a Schutzhund II title trail A stranger
How many article are placed on a Schutzhund III title trail three
The owners lays the track in which Schutzhund title trail one
A protection dog must a have a strong prey drive
The helper in Schutzhund I is behind which blind second
How many turns in the Schutzhund III track four
In Schutzhund trails tracking is done in the morning
Created by: sdunn521