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dog training

The placenta is referred to as the afterbirth
The ledge around a whelping box prevents what the mother from sitting on the puppies
What does oxytocin do (pit) induces labor
How is oxytocin given injection
In order to prevent bacteria and infection a whelping room should be warm and dry and well ventilated
A venereal type disease in dogs that should be checked for before breeding is brucellosis
In regards to breeding dogs, the term “lock” or “Tie” means the union of a male and female
In order to help a smaller, weaker puppy nurse it is helpful put the puppy on which teats, Front or Back back
Is waiting and even holding a dog the best way to break a Tie or Lock is to Yes
The early straw colored milk that the nursing mother produces is called colostrum
Colostrum provides the puppies with protective immunities
What is the usual time in weeks to start weaning a puppy off the mothers milk three to for weeks
Created by: sdunn521