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First Aid & Lyme

dog training

If your dog ingests lye your treatment is do not induce vomiting and bring dog to the vet or emergency room immediately
Heartworms are transmitted from mosquitoes
How many legs does a tick have eight
Lyme disease was named after an outbreak of the disease in what city and state Lyme Connecticut
Do dogs sweat yes
Where do dogs sweat, what part of their body paws, mouth, ears
The best way to treat heat stroke is hose the dog down with water
What causes bloat overfeeding
How many series of the initial vaccines are commonly required for a puppy before they can be take outside three
How can you remove a tick from a dog Vaseline, tweezers, insect repellant, cigarette
To help prevent bloat in a young puppy, up to 6months old, it best to do what to their food water
Are apple seeds, azalea plant, and poinsettia poisonous to a dog yes
Created by: sdunn521