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SIE- Makeup II

corrective makeup review for final

What should you do before choosing a foundation? determine if your client has a light, medium, or dark skin level
The primary goal of makeup is to: enhance the natural beauty of the client
What should you determine during a makeup consultation? lifestyle & preferences, hair & eye color, natural skin tone, & face shape
Makeup artists should know how to: analyze, balance, and accentuate pleasing facial features
What is important when choosing a makeup line? quality
When you match eye shadow color to eye color, what does it do? creates a flat field of color
When you use a darker shade of eyes hadow, the natural color of the iris appears... lighter
What is an eye shadow called when it is lighter than the client's skin tone? highlighter
What do eyebrows do? frame the eyes
What should makeup do for your client? maximize good features and minimize less attractive features
What does an oval face shape look like? widest at the temple and forehead, tapering down to the chin
A receding chin can be made to look more prominent by: using a lighter foundation on the chin
You can visually correct a wide nose by: placing a darker shade of foundation on both sides of the nose and a lighter shade on the center of the nose
How can you determine if a client has close-set eyes? if they are closer together than the length of one eye
How can you make small eyes appear larger? by extending the eye shadow slightly beyond the eyes toward the temples
What can happen if you overtweeze the brows? brows look protruding, face looks puffy, creates a surprised look
What is the first thing you should do when correcting or shaping an eyebrow? remove all unnecessary hairs
Creating the ideal eyebrow shape involves what? measuring inner corner of eye upward, outer corner of nose to outer corner of eye, and outer circle of iris upward
What should you do to make large lips appear smaller? draw a thin line just inside the natural lip line, using a soft, flat color
How should the makeup application area look? neat and organized
How do you disinfect a makeup pencil? sharpen, spray with disinfectant, wipe clean with tissue
What is the best tool to blend foundation, concealer, and powder? sponges
Where should you distribute your products after selecting your colors and foundation? artist's pallet
Why is it important not to lift or manipulate the skin while applying makeup? it will change the look when you let go of the skin
What should you do before applying makeup? wash your hands
When do you double brace? around the eyes and lips
How do you correct redness in the skin? use green concealer
How do you correct a foundation that is too dark? add a lighter foundation
How do you correct a wide forehead? contour on outside and blend toward hairline
Created by: Lizziewiz
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