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Ch 28 voc

Tsunamis- means “harbor wave” in Japanese. Are waves that can travel hundreds of miles per hour.
Flyway- a migration route for birds.
Shogun- a powerful warlord in early Japan.
Samurai- professional warriors provided by the shogun for their protection.
Meiji Restoration- Japanese political revolution that overthrew the shogun and restored the power of the emperor.
Annex- to formally join it to a country.
Diet- a government that includes an elected law-making body.
Armistice- truce.
Demilitarized zone- a buffer zone into which opposing armies may not enter.
Subsidies- financial support from the government.
Work ethic- the belief that work itself has moral value.
Export economy- a type of economy in which goods are produced mainly for export rather than for domestic use.
Trade surplus- a condition existing when a country exports more than its imports.
Urban agglomeration- densely populated region surrounding a central city.
Chishima current- Cold winds blowing from the Asian mainland bring severe winters to northern Japan.
Japan Current- brings moist marine air to these areas.
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