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Laubusch MW Terms

MW Terms

Beginning of unexplored land Frontier
Land set aside for Native Americans Reservation
A machine for cutting grain Reaper
A city that serves as a center for moving goods and people Transportation Hub
Flor or gently rolling land that is covered with tall grasses and wildflowers Prairie
To separate grain seeds from the rest of the plant. Thresh
Animals raised on farms, such as cattle Livestock
A machine pulled by horses for cutting and threshing grain Combine
A groove made in the soil for planting seeds Furrow
A mixture of dirt and roots of grass used to build sod houses Sod
Doing everything necessary to take care of yourself Self Sufficient
A process in which each worker does one part of a job before passing it on to the next worker Assembly Line
A substance added to soil to improve plant growth, grow more on less land Fertilizer
Soil able to produce good crops Fertile
The preparing of meat for sale Meatpacking
A substand used on crops to kill insects and other pests Pesticide
A curved knife on a long handle used for cutting grain Scythe
Preserving food by cooking and sealing it in cans or jars Canning
A tool used for beating harvested grain Flail
This is the most important farm tool of the last 100 years. Tractor
Created by: blaubusch