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Chapter 8 Vocab

Radiolucent A substance that is easily penetrated by the x-ray beam.
Backscatter Radiation from the cassette back and the cassette tray that is directed back toward the film.
Film/screen contact The tightly pressing of the intensifying screens against the film when the cassette is closed.
Fluoresce As phosphors glow, giving off light when exposed to x-rays.
Phosphors Fluorescent crystals in the surface of an intensifying screen.
Screen speed The efficiency of a screen in converting x-rays to light.
Rare earth phosphors Crystals containing either gadolinium, lanthanum, yttrium.
Artifacts Unwanted marks or images on the radiograph.
Spectral sensitivity The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to which the film is most sensitive.
Sensitometric curve An S shaped curve demonstrating the response of a film to a full range of exposure.
D-Max The maximum density on a sensitometric curve.
Optical density (OD) A numerical representation of the films ability to transmit light.
Base+Fog Density The measure of light absorbed by the film base plus any fog exposure to the film before processing.
Latitude The term used to describe the range of densities that can be recorded on an x-ray film.
Straight-line portion The portion of the graph that is in a relatively straight, vertical position and indicates film speed.
Spectral emission The color of light emitted by a phosphor.
Silver halide Silver salts of the halogen elements that are mixed with gelatin to form the film emulsion.
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