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Auto Body Vocab 36

Lap Weld Type of weld made by overlapping two pieces of metal and joining them by running a bead along only one of the edges
MIG (METAL INERT GAS WELDING) Continuous welding system that uses the electrical arc and gas to protect the weld
Neutral Flame Oxyacetylene flame burning equal parts of acetylene and oxygen
Oxyacetylene Welding Process where oxygen and acetylene are burned using a torch to produce a flame hot enough to melt metal
UHSS (ULTRAHIGH STRENGTH STEEL): Very high strength steel which is used for parts such as door guard beams
Credit rating A method of determining consumer credit worthiness
Clerical Types of jobs that require individuals to keep records, prepare correspondence, and maintain accounts
Cope managing, adjusting, or getting along
Distinguish to recognize or identify as different or as its own entity
IRS (Internal Revenue Service) an agency designed to collect taxes and turn them over to the government for the payment of debts, commitments and benefits
Created by: Mrs. Talbot