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Fine Arts

Final Exam

Relatively Short words with a prominent melody and a simple chordal accompaniment. Popular Music
Uncomplicated music that speaks directly of everyday matters. Folk Music
A popular musical style that began in rural areas of the South and West. Country Music
What were some of the early origins of popular music in Europe and America? Operettas, Vaudeville, Film, and Broadway shows
Before the 19th Century, music was for: the CHURCH and the ARISTOCRACY
A uniquely shaped guitar with 10 strings Cuatro
Mexican Classical composer. Carlos Chavez
10 Line, 8 syllable poem Decimas
Music was put on ___________ in hopes of being discovered by ETs Voyager space crafts.
Claude Debussy was inspired by this american music: RAGTIME.
Music that is old, but still well liked: CLASSIC music.
The time-line in Afro Cuban music: Clave
The mutual influence of different cultures in close contact: ACCULTURATION.
A scale made of five notes within the octave: Pentatonic Scale
Puerto rican folk music: Musica Jibara
merging of styles: Crossover
Used american folk themes in his composition. LOUIS GOTTSCHAULK
Created by: gisele1993