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Geo 151

Human Geography

Example of Fordism Assembly Line
Example of Agricultural Land Cover Patagonia > Sahara
Example of Primary Industry Mining
Example of Carrying Capacity Max. Population Ag. Land Can Support
Example Gross National Income U.S. > 10 Times Haiti
Example of Secondary Industry Manufacturing
Example of Human Development in the U.S. North Dakota 4.70-5.20
Example of Tertiary Industry Great Clips
Example of Sustainable Development Solar Heating
Example of Quaternary Industry Research at UND
Example of Commercial Agriculture Crops and Animals for sale
Example of Transhumance Nomadic Herding
Example of Mechanization Tractors vs. Horses
Example of Food Manufacturing Del Monte Vegetable Canning
Example of Double Cropping 2 Crops in One Summer
Example of Crop Rotation 1st Year Corn, Second Year Soybeans
Nine states making up the Soviet Block (Post World War II) - Poland - Albania - East Germany - Czechoslovakia - Hungary - Romainia - Yugoslavia - Bulgaria
This imperial European power ruled the lands at the mouth of the Nile River, starting in the late 19th Century. - Britain
Created by: Xboatracer