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What is Culture?

CCS 5th Grade Social Studies

institutions associations, organizations, or groups that form the foundation of a society
schools a place where teaching and learning occur
government a legitimate authority established by a society to lead, govern and manage the needs of its citizens
nation includes all of the people who live under one government •
political systems how government is organized •
confederacy an alliance of separately governed states •
democracy a nation in which power rests with the people and is exercised directly by them •
dictatorship a nation in which absolute power is controlled by a person whose position is not inherited •
empire a group of nations or territories ruled by one leader or country
monarchy a nation ruled by a king, queen, or emperor who usually inherited their power
parliamentary government an assembly of persons, not necessarily elected, who write the laws of a nation or state
democratic republic a nation in which power rests with the people and is exercised through their elected representatives
anarchy no government or organized authority
places of worship institutions where the practice of religion occurs
hospitals institutions where the healing of the sick and injured occurs
museums institutions where cultural items/artifacts are housed and studied
national parks land that is reserved for environmental preservation and recreation
military a part of the government that is established to defend the citizens of a society
community organizations institutions that enable members of a society to engage in cooperative efforts beneficial to the local society
commerce the production
industry making products for sale to other people
agriculture the production of food and goods through farming
mining taking rocks and minerals out of the earth
forestry the growing, maintaining, and harvesting of forests
fishing the catching
manufacturing the massive production of goods through the use of machines and tools in factories
technology devices intended to simplify the way we do things
Transportation method in which products are moved to various places
ships delivery of products using water as the means of moving goods
railroads delivery of products using trains as the means of moving goods
trucks delivery of products using roads as the means of moving goods
air delivery of products using airplanes as the primary means of moving goods
products finished goods that have been manufactured
trade the importing and exporting of products
import purchasing goods manufactured in another country
export selling products to other countries
currency money, usually in the form of coins or paper
traditions customs unique to a society
customs the manner in which a society usually does something o
manners the way in which a society expresses politeness
celebrations special events that honor people
holidays days during the year that are celebrated because they have a special meaning to a society life events
birthdays celebrations that indicate the date in which someone was born
weddings a celebration of marriage
anniversaries usually occurs as a yearly celebration that indicates an important event (ex. wedding
milestones significant highlights in the development of a culture
cuisine how food is prepared
movies/theatre/concerts methods in which people use acting and performance
music songs, tunes, or melodies
sports games and events, usually of a physical nature
travel a journey, or trip
Examples of Comunity Orgaizations Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Rotary Club, Lion's Club,
Forms of Entertainment Movies, Theater, Concerts, Sport, Music
Exapmles of Cultural Traditions Celebrations Birthday, Weddings, Anniversaries, Milestones, Holidays
Words Associated with Institutions Hospitals, Places of Worship, Government, Fire Stations, Police Station
Words Associated with Commerece Forestry, Banking, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Technology, Currency
Words Associated with Traditions Cuisine, Languages, Holidays, Manners
Created by: ekahl5
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