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WWW: Lists 1-10


Ante Before
Anti Against
Bi Two
Circum Around
Com Together
Con Together
De Down
Dis Away
Equi Equal
Extra Beyond
Inter Between
Intra Within
Intro Into
Mal Bad
Mis Bad
Non Not
Post After
Pre Before
Semi Half
Sub Under
Super Over
Syn Together
Sym Together
Tri Three
Un Not
Archy Government
Ard Always Drunkard
Cide Kill
Ician Specialist
Itis Inflammation
Aqua Water
Audi Hear
Bell War
Cap Take
Cise Cut
Auto Self
Port Carry
Scribe Write
Logy Science
Dict Say Diction
Cred Believe
Cent One Hundred
Neo New
Ad To Adhere
Cede Go
Miss Send
Centri Center
Biblio Book
Antropo Man Anthropology
Homo Same
Spec Look
Duct Lead Conduct
Fer Carry
Pend Hang
Micro Small
Hydro Water
Photo Light
Pan All
Penta Five
Tele Far
Vid Look
Omni All
Ex Out
Poly Many
Re Again
Hypo Under Hypoallergenic
Pseudo False Pseudopod
Neuro Nerve
Tomy Cut
Hema Blood
Proto First Protist
Phon Sound Telephone
Mono One
Viv Life
Morph Shape
Vest Clothes
Bene Good
Pond Weight
Corp Body
Dorm Sleep
Pater Father
Nov New
Punct Point
Ject Throw
Tion Act or State
Loco Place
Dox Opinion
Amphi Both
Magn Great
Eu Good
Endo Within
Phobia Fear
Ortho Straight
Put Think
Ver True
Matri Mother
Mega Large
Pop People
Sangui Blood
Vita Life
Demo People
Stereo Solid
Ism Doctrine
Cogn Know
Sur Over
Alter Other
Astr Star
Dyna Power
Chron Time
Hyper Over
Luna Moon
Octa Eight
Gyro Turn
Contra Against
Geo Earth
Helio Sun
Thermo Heat
Tetra Four
Meter Measure
Scope Look
Son Sound
Dec Ten
Stell Star
Amat Love
Germ Vital or Related
Greg Group
Mar Sea
Prim First
Pyro Fire
Clam Cry Out
Plu More
Tang Touch
String Bind
Liber Free
Junct Join
Clud Close
Se Apart
Trib Pay
Dign Worthy
Luc Light
Rupt Break
Grat Pleasing
Medi Middle
Soph Wisdom
Curr Run
Tempor Time
Migr Wander
Trans Across
Numer Number
Fort Strong
Osteo Bone
Ornith Bird
Polls City
Fus Pour
Ego I
Spir Breath
Dia Across
Acr Sharp
Aero High
Culp Blame
Derm Skin
Zo Animal
Per Through
Pac Peace
Brev Short
Necro Death
Urb City
Pugn Fight
Ecto Outer
Plasto Molded
Sed Sit
Leg Read
Anim Mind
Tort Twist
Nym Name
Sanct Holy
Meta Change
Petr Rock
Mir Wonder Mirror
Man Hand Mandatory
Rect Right Direction
Volv Roll Volvo
Demi Half
Retro Backward
Sens Feel Sense
Fy Make Fortify
Ocul Eye
Cur Care For Cure
Ultra Beyond
Oid Appearance Humanoid
Gest Carry Suggest
Apt Fit There's an "apt" for that.
Tact Touch
Voc Voice
Rid Laugh Ridicule
Path Feeling Telepathic
A Not Abiotic
Nomy Law
Fid Faith Confident
Caco Bad
Hetero Different
Sci Know
Graph Write
Lat Side
Lith Rock
Tract Pull Tractor
In In or Not Instincts
Co Together Co-Worker
Phile Loves
Ine Nature Of Vine
Ar Relating To
Hexa Six
Fract Break Fraction
Platy Flat Plateau
Theo God
Fin End Fingers
Hedron Sided Object
Ambul Walk Ambulence
Ous Full Of Glamorous
Topo Place
Ped Foot or Child
Mort Death Mortified
Carn Flesh Carnivore
Psych Soul Psychic
Ethno Race or Culture Ethnicity
Gen Origin Genes
Nat Born Nation
Paleo Old Paleolithic
Curs Run Curser
Crypt Hidden
Cad Fall
Capit Head Capital
Loqu Talk
Sacro Holy Sacrosanct
Uni One Unicorn
Ness Quality Greatness
Alt High Alternate
Ics Art Physics
Iso Equal Isolation
Vert Turn Convert
Ate Cause Precipitate
Cor Heart Core
Ess Female Lioness
Muta Change Mutate
Fug Flee Fugitive
Bio Life
Pter Wing
Created by: mrjohnson
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