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the first Europeans to establish a permanent colony in South Africa Dutch
famous 19th century Zulu chief Shaka Zulu
grassy South African plain veldt
took place from 1899-1902 Boer Wars
How were employment, place of residence, and education were determined in South Africa? by race, under white minority rule
first black president of South Africa Nelson Mandela
South African black resistance leader who died in police custody Steven Biko
Where do Masai live? Kenya and Tanzania
Before the Europeans arrived, how did the Masai live? By herding
the largest lake in Africa Lake Victoria
the primary industry of Eastern Africa Agriculture
indigenous African people who formed a highly organized military society. Zulus
When did humans first began to appear in Africa about 2-2.5 million years ago
the two religions practiced by 85% of the people of Eastern and Southern Africa. Christianity & Islam
descendents of the Dutch settlers Afrikaners
mixed race people of South Africa, are a blend of Afrikaners and black Africans. the Coloureds
a blend of Arab and African cultures and languages Swahili
Afrikaners and Coloureds both speak what language? Afrikaans
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