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Ethics:Romantic Love

What are the two kinds of love, according to Pausanias? noble and common/vulgar love
What do vulgar lovers care most about according to Pausanias? the body more than the soul.
What does Aristophanes say that love is? love is the pursuit to find our other half similar to our idea of a soulmate. theres only one other person out there for us.
What, according to Agathon, is the problem with the speeches that preceded his? didn't celebrate the God's gifts
What is Socrates' main criticism of Agathon's claim that love is the most beautiful God? that love is the desire for good/beautiful. to desire that something is to lack that something; therefore love can be neither beautiful nor good.
What, according to Diotima, was Socrates' most basic mistake in his thinking about the nature of love? that love was primarily about being loved rather than being the lover.
What is Diotima's criticism of those who think that "lovers are those people who seek their other halves"? people seek their other half only if it is good.
What is Diotima's definition of love? wanting to possess the good forever.
According to Diotima, where does love being & end? The form of beauty
Why does Alcibiades say that his life is one constant effort to escape from Socrates? He makes him feel shame.
When Fromm calls love an art, what idea about the nature of love is he rejecting? that it is a feeling, that it is something we can not control.
Fromm says that the 'history of religion and philosophy is the history of these answers" -- answers to what? how to overcome separateness, achieve union, transcend one's individual life & find one-moment (orgiastic states, conformity w/ group, creative activity)
Why does Fromm suggest that people are often attracted to "orgiastic states" the world oustside disappears. when they dont do them, they feel worse. common practice in a tribe which contributes to conformity with union.
According to Fromm, what are the two kinds of love? symbiotic union/immature love & mature love.
According to Schopenhauer, all love is rooted in what? sexual impulse
Schopenhauer claims that the essence of love is not its reciprocation, what is it instead? its possession (physical enjoyment)/reproduction
What explains why 2 people are attracted to one another, according to Schopenhauer 1. the most beautiful 2. will love the perfections the person has that you lack & imperfections that are opposite of yours. (instinct/illusion)
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