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best demos spring 11

best demos

DDH AP bilateral "frog-leg"
pelvic brim inlet
pubic rami outlet
downside acetabulum judet pelvis
cervical zygapophyseal joints closest to IR lateral c-spine
downside cervical intervertebral foramina RAO & LAO oblique c-spine
C3 - T3 cervical bodies AP axial c-spine
denz or odontoid AP "open mouth" odontoid
C5 - T5 swimmer's lateral (cervicothoracic)
stability of c-spine lateral flexion & extension c-spine
denz (odontoid) seen in shadow of foramen magnum AP fuch or PA judd
AP view of open L5 - S1 joint space AP axial L5 - S1 butterfly
downside lumbar zygopophyseal joints posterior oblique l-spine
intervertebral lumbar joint spaces lateral l-spine
open sacral foramina AP axial sacrum
SI joints AP axial SI joint
side-down SC joint RAO / LAO SC joint
1st - 9th / 10th ribs Upper ribs
8th - 12th ribs Lower ribs
right axillary ribs RPO / LAO
left axillary ribs RAO / LPO
barium filled bulb & c-loop in profile UGI RAO
esophogeal reflux hampton (RAO)
retrogastric space UGI right lateral
barium filled fundus & body UGI AP
barium filled body & pylorus UGI PA
air filled bulb & c-loop in profile UGI LPO
upside kidney & downside ureter IVP RPO / LPO
Created by: T-Dubb