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Descartes Nature (mental processes could exist independantly of physical states)
Locke Nurture
Edward Titchener Introspection; examining one's mind and what they are thinking / feeling
Carl Rodgers Client centered therapy; humanist
Socrates Believed children were born capable of making distinctions between what is fair and unfair
Aristotle Philosopher who rejected the idea that the mind is seperate from the body
William James Founded the first psych lab in the United States; functionalist
Wilhem Wundt "Father of Psych"
B.F Skinner No free will; enviornment determines everything
Stanley Hall Founder of American Psychology Association (APA)
John. B Watson Baby Albert experiment
Albert Bandura Bo-Bo doll experiment
Harry Maslow Created ladder of human motives; humanist
Max Wertheimer Studied Gestalt psychology
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