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test 3

What are the two types of information computers use Analog, digital
What is image blurring Quantum mottle, noise, motion
What other terms can be used to explain window width changes +/-, as width increases, contrast increases
When is the IP most sensitive to scatter Before and after exposure
What is filtering Hardens the beam, amp or deleted unwanted frequency
Detectors can detect information from what sources Cassette bases, cassette less
What is a matrix and how does it affect resolution Series of boxes that gives and image form. Bigger the matrix the better the resolution
What is a pixel and how does it affect resolution Box that makes up matrix, determines the # or gray tone
What are thin film transistors Collect charged products by selenium or silicon on array or matrix pixel sixe detector.
Define frequency and explain how it relates to contrast.
How is noise measured and explain it’s effect on contrast and density random background info, signal noise ratio
What does window level control density +/-
What is data clipping Too much info is send through so the computer chooses what dx info needs to be sent
What does window width control Contrast x division
What controls the resolution of the digital image Pixel size
What is masking
Describe high-pass filtering and when it is useful. Take out all but high frequency, increase image quality
How does direct conversion work
What is Fourier Transformation Convert data into a more useful form
How is an IP erased processor
How do detectors acquire information Through phosphor collectors
Name some benefits of the increased latitude of CR.
Why are imaging plates more sensitive to radiation than radiographic film
Describe how a latent image is produced using CR.
How long will a latent image store its energy 32 hr, looses 23% every 8 hr
How does the latitude of CR compare to that of film Latent image has a wide latitude
Define photostiumulated luminescence (PSL).
What color light photons are released when electrons return to a lower energy state Blue violet
What is the difference between object class and service class in DICOM
Describe the difference between cassette-based and cassette-less Systems
Based: psp exposed ad put into reader, less: detector and reader are one
The smaller the pixel, the _____ the spatial resolution better
What is a histogram and why is it generated Locates min/max signal w/I anatomical region of interest in the image. Provides proper gray scale.
What happens if an incorrect histogram / algorithm is selected Density and contrast are off
What kVp is recommended with non-grid imaging and why Increase scatter
Name the layers of photostimulable imaging plates and their functions Protective, phosphor, conductor, support, light shield, backing
What is the language computers operate from binary
What is the difference in the data handled by analog computers and the
data handled by digital computers AC: continuously varying, DC: definite quantities
How does indirect conversion work Uses PSP
What is the great danger that exists with CR and radiation protection
practices Increase in pt dose beacue of improper tech setting
What factors that produce low contrast are prone to cause CR image plate
fogging Low kVp
What is image stitching Taking multiple images and the computer puts them together as one long image
Describe how grids should be used with CR. Long part with long axis. CR in the middle of IT
What is a scintillator and how does it work changes light to electrical signal
What is a charged couple device converts visible light to x-ray
What is the difference between RIS and HIS R-radiology, H; hospital
What are some advantages of using soft-copy display
What affects image quality on a CRT monitor
Why can higher ambient light be used with an LCD
What is edge enhancement Over print data at edge line
Specify three advantages of digital image management in comparison to traditional film/screen environments.
What formula is used to calculate digital image size Why is this important
What is the difference between a LAN and a WAN How is each used in an imaging department
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