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MUSI1004 Indonesia

Preparation for final

What is the predominant religion of Java? Islam
What is the predominant religion of Bali? Hindu
Elements of Gamelan Music (6) 1. Orchestras featuring bronze instruments 2. Compositions guided by core melody 3. Polyphonic texture 4. Colotomic structure 5. Paired families of tuning systems 6. Stress at the end of metrical cycles
What are metallophones? metal-keyed xylophones
What is the core melody called in Java? Balungan
What is the core melody called in Bali? Pokok
What does it mean to have a polyphonic texture? The song is composed of interlocking melodies
What does it mean to have a colotomic structure? There is a structure of beats in which there is the regular punctuation by gongs
What are the two paired families of tuning systems? Pelog (7 tone) and Slendro (5 tone)
How are the metrical cycles organized? (in groups of...) Groups of 4
Gender (the instrument) family of thin-keyed metallophones with tube resonators
Bonang family of kettle gongs (sets of 2 or 3) each tuned slightly different
Rebab 2-string vertical spike fiddle that acts as the melodic leader of the orchestra
Suling end-blown bamboo duct flute
Gong Ageng largest vertical gong that dramatically ends the metrical cycle of gamelan music
Kendang 2 double-headed drums played by a single drummer; lead the orchestra, control tempo, signals
Ceng-Ceng cymbals that reinforce drum patterns
What is Kecak? A Balinese chorus of interlocking shouts (imitates a gamelan)
What is Topeng? The mask dance-drama of Bali; includes the kebyar (gong) gamelan
What is Wayang Kulit? A shadow puppet play
What are some defining characteristics of Java? *Alus - elegant, refined *Balungan - core melody derived from the lagu *Ambiguous
What are some defining characteristics of Bali? *Kasar - coarse, exciting *Pokok - core melody *Highly precise
Buka slow introduction at the beginning of a Javanese piece
Gongan divider; large phrase between successive gong hits (multiples of 4)
Irama relationship between each instrument's rhythmic density
Kebyar Gong gamelan
Kembangan "flowering"; ornamented version of balungan
Lagu unheard melody (most ornamented)
Patet "mode"; collection of pitches indicating mood of piece
Wela silent beat (absence of colotomic stroke)
Created by: MissCellaneous