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Life of Christ 89


Hosanna God Saves
Paradise (Luke 23:43) Abraham's Bosom, Sheol
Mikveh A Jewish baptismal pool
Anointing Set apart for service
Decapolis ten cities south of Galilee Sea
"...his hour was come..." (John 13:1) His passion, glorification,and reunion with the Father
"Nasah" to put to the test. to try
Kingdom of God/heaven (Mt. 6:33) the obedience of God, obey the torah
Perea the area east of the Jordan River
" day.."(John 8:56) God told Abraham to go to Mt. Mariah tto sacrifice Isaac the same place Jesus was crucified. Massianic salvation which God promised.
List the two passages of Scripture that are facsimilies(small snap shots) of the condition that Isreal was in at the time of Christ. Luke 13:6-9, Psalms 80:8-16
What is the significance of Jesus first miracle of changing water to wine? the fulfillment of the prophecy that He is the Messiah. A sign of God's judgement. Moses in Exodus turning the water to wine.
What are the three miracle periods of Isreal's history? Moses and the Exodus, Elijah and Elisha, Jesus and the Disciples
According to the lectures, why did Jesus relocate to Capernaum after being raised in Nazareth? Capernaum was more Liberal, less radical, and had more Gentiles.
Why is Matthew 12:28 such a critical passage in Matthew's gospel and the ministry of Christ? Because it is the place where He judges the Pharisee's for blaspheming the Holy Ghost and defining them as commiting the unparnobable sin.
What is the difference between Matthew's genealogy of Christ and Luke's genealogy of Christ? Luke goes all the way back to Adam. Luke shows Jesus as part of the human race. Matthew goes only to Abraham. Matthew places emphasis on Mary being Jesus mother. Matthew shows Jesus from a royal line.
According to the lecture, is there any evidence the John the Baptist was a member of the Essene community? Yes or No? Which book did I make reference to regarding this issue? No/Luke 1:80
Explain the significance of Satan's temptation of Jesus to throw himself off the pinnacle of the temple(Matthew 4:5-7). Spiritually to test God as if He must yield to every whim of man. Jesus is a God of common sense and judgement.
There were at least five reasons given why the Jews practiced baptism or immersion. Which two did we say might apply to Jesus? Set aside for service, and to indicate a change in status and identity.
Matthew's genealogy of Christ center's on the number 14. According to ournotes(or numerology) what does the number 14 mean? the numerical value of David name is 14. 14 is the number of deliverance.
According to the professor, what is the unpardonable sin? Accusing Jesus of casting out demons by the power of Satan and attributing to the devil the work of the Holy Spirit.
According to the professor, when was the New Covenant of Jeremiah 31:31 actually inaugarated? Or has it been? In Matthew 26:28 at the New Covenant of Jesus. Yes, it has been inaugarated.
What was the actual charge levied against Jesus that incurred His crucifixion? TREASON
What was the purpose of Jesus' miracles? To prove that He was Messiah and to fulfill prophecy
According to the professor, are there apostles today? Why or why not? No, an apostle must be a witness to the baptism, the resurrection of Christ. The Apostle must also be hand picked by Christ and perform miracles.
According to the lectures, what is the significance of Matthew 23:34-36? Judgement of the nation of Isreal of the killing of innocent men from Able to Zechariah.
the cleansing of the temple actually occured at the end of Jesus' ministry, yet John places it at the beginning(John 2:13-25). Why does he do that? It shows Jesus opposition to the religious leadership from the beginning.
What is the real significance of the Acension? complete's his earthly work, He's gone to prepare a place for us, He has conquered death and all principalities(demons), appearing on our behalf as our high Priest, He acts as our forerunner.
Why is the acension important to Christian theology? It assures us immediate access to God, immortality, and that He is in control of all things.
Amillennialist claim that Jesus is now ruling on David's throne from heaven. This is not true. Why? David throne is on earth, and Jesus is not ruling on earth yet.
According to the lecture, when Jesus "breathed" on His disciples in John 20:22-23 what did this actually signify? Jesus is getting them ready for pentacost. Anticipating the coming of the Holy Ghost.
Jesus performs three "acts" upon His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. What are they and what do they signify? The cleansing of the temple: judging the nation as a whole, not destroying the temple. the cursing of the fig tree;nation not producing fruit. Moving moutains: real faith moves God. in contrast to unbelief, false religion and faith.
I listed three theories regarding the New Covenant. What are they and which one is correct? 1. the N.C.was already inaugarated after the captivity to Babylon. 2. jesus was inaug. a seperate N.C. with the Church 3. jesus inaug. the N.C. with Isreal in fulfillment t of Jer. 31:31, which will be realized at isreal's conversion.
Matthew 2:23; "...he shall be called a Nazarene.." this is a reference to Christ or Messiah coming from Nazareth in contrast to what Nathaniel said.
John 20:17; "touch me not for I am not yet ascended to my Father.." we have an entirely new relationship than before.
John 4:4; "And He must needs go through Samaria" Jesus decided to go through Samaria as an example to His disciples to reach out to the gentiles, and also to meet the woman at the well.
Matt. 27:17 The release of Jesus Barabbas which means Son of the Father. Same as Christ name.
John 9:39-41 Spiritual blindness. The pharisees were spiritually blind.
Matt 16:18; "upon this rock I will build my church.." Peter will be the spokesperson, key leader of the future church.
Matt:21-22 genuine faith moves God and mountains
Luke 4:23-30 jesus was not accepted by His family, or his hometown of Nazareth.
Matt 12:43-45 He's comparing the demon possess man to Isreal.
John 10. "I am the Good Shepherd" in contrast with the Pharisees who are the false shepards Jesus is the real shepard
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