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Stack #61820

QuestionAnswerDirect democracy
culture way of life of a group of people (blank)
cultural trait a particular groups skills, customs and ways of doing things (blank)
ethics standards of accepted behavior (blank)
agriculture one of the four steps that led to the devlopment of culture (blank)
social structure way of organizing people into smaller groups (blank)
economy system of producing, distributing and consuming goods and services (blank)
producer owners and workers (blank)
goods products (blank)
service something performed for another person (blank)
consumer people who buy and use the goods and services (blank)
technology tools and the skills people need to use them (blank)
cultural landscape includes any changes to the environment and the technology to make those changes (blank)
nuclear family mother father and children (blank)
extended family includes several generations like the aunts, uncles, granparents and cousins (blank)
ethics standards of accepted behavior (blank)
capitalism economic system in which most basic and non-basic business is privately owned (blank)
socialism economic system in which basic business is owned by the government and non-basic is privately owned (blank)
communism government owns both basic and non-basic business (blank)
government system that sets up and enforces societies laws and institutions (blank)
direct democracy everyone participated in running the day-to-day affairs of the group (blank)
monarchy a king or queen rules the government (blank)
constitution set of laws that define and often limit the government's power (blank)
representative democracy citizens elect representatives to run the country's affairs (blank)
dictator leader who had total power over the government (blank)
cultural diffusion movement of customs and ideas (blank)
acculturation process of accepting, borrowing, and exchanging goods and ideas (blank)
Created by: pancoask