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SIE- Skin Care VI #1

info for final

What is mask therapy? applying products to the skin in an occlusive manner that triggers a response based partially on duration of time on skin
What are teh characteristics of a good mask? non-toxic, smooth/no grit, spreads easily, easily removed with sponges or tepid water
Setting Mask harden and dry; use ingredients such as clay, alginate, paraffin wax, and gypsum
Non-setting Mask do not dry; humectant that moisturize and nourish; use ingredients such as cucumber or aloe
What is zone therapy? aka mask zoning; using different ingredients on different parts of the face to treat different conditions
What are the benefits of paraffin mask? warms skin, traps heat, promotes penetration, boosts moisture, increases circulation, has plumping and softening effect
How do you apply paraffin mask? Messier Technique; apply with brush
What are the benefits of a mask? hydrate, calm, soothe, and nourish
How should you remove mask from a container? with a spatula
What is pectin? a thickening agent used in gel masks made from skin & pulp of apples
What is a gel mask and how is it applied? jelly or peel off mask; applied with brush and smoothed with spatula
What are the benefits of a gel mask? traps moisture, hydrates, cools, and soothes
What is a thermal mask? aka modelage mask; hardsetting, plaster mask that contains gypsum.
What are the benefits of a thermal mask? creates heat & stimulates
What is the best way to remove a thermal mask? remove in one piece by rocking side to side
What is a clay mask? mask made from koalin, bentonite, or fuller's Earth; used for oily, acneic skin
What is used as an absorbing ingredient in clay masks? kaolin
When should you use gauze masks? under thermal, custom, or paraffin masks
Why do most estheticians use commercial masks? they're safer and easier to use than homemade masks
What is derived from seaweed? algae
Which mask should never be applied directly to the skin? modelage/thermal mask
Created by: Lizziewiz