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MUSI1004 India

Preparation for final

Geography: North is called __________ region Hindustani
Geography: South is called __________ region Karnatic
Religions (2) Islam and Hindu
Elements of Indian Music (4) ... 8 total terms [1 element has 4 terms, another has 2 terms) 1. Soloist, raga, ornamentation, improvisation 2. Drummer, tala 3. Drone 4. Extra musical associations
Taraf sympathetic strings
Sympathetic vibration phenomenon in which vibrations in air corresponding to pitch of taraf cause the taraf strings to vibrate softly
Alap nonpulsatile introduction that best encapsulates core feeling of raga
gat metered part of Indian musical performance
Sitar thin, fretted, plucked lute
Sarod fretless lute
Tabla pair of small drums
Mrdangum double-headed cylindrical drum of South India
Bansuri transverse bamboo flute
Bin zither
Gamak ornamentation
Chalan base pitches; chain of pakar
Pakar small characteristic motives
Arohana ascending scale
Rasa emotion expressed by music
Ragamala collection of paintings symbolically illustrating Indian raga
Gharana music school for vocal or instrumental performance
Gitam Southern Indian term for raga's precomposed song or theme
Vadi principal tone; musician spends most time and ornamentation on it
Created by: MissCellaneous