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Basic Photography

Describe Rule Of Thirds? A way to help organize and blanence a photo; divides image area into thirds- like a tic tac toe grid- that gives you "Sweet Spots" for placing your subject in a place of visual interest.
Give tips for pets and wildlife shots Have patience, use a zoom lense, something to distract the animal, and try different angles.
what is ISO? How sensitive the camera's sensor is to light.
What is Depth Of Field? Term for the zone of sharp focus from front to back in any picture.
What is Aperture? the opening in the lense that allows light to pass through when the shutter is open.
What is Shutter Speed? Determines the ammount of time the shutter is open to allow light to enter the camera.
What are some helpful tips to think through when capturing a picture? Eliminate distracting backgrounds. Fill the frame. Take advantage of various angles. Use depth of field to bring attention to your center of interest. Watch for a level horizon.
Leading Lines are used to... Draw eye accross the frame, direct focus, imply motion or action, lead view from foreground to background
What is Composition? How to present your subject in your picture for a pleasing overall effect; includes technical artistic abilities.
What are the four elements needed to get good exposure? Scene or available light. Ammount of light- controled by aperture. Time-controlled by shutter speed. Sensitivity- ISO setting.
What are two approaches to taking action and sports pictures? Freeze the action- showing the action in mid-motion Show the motion as a blur(called panning) - this conveys speed and artisty.
Name the tree main categories of lenses Wide angle Normal Telephoto
What is Framing? Adds depth of field; adds interest, helps give perspective.
You can comtrol the amount of light you let in your camera by adjusting the length of the time what stays open? The shutter.
You can also control the amount of light you let un your camera by.. Changing the size of the aperture
What are tips for capturing group shots? Positioning, colour cordination,remembering the purpose of the picture.
Name (at least)three ways you could use Photoshop or some alerternitive editing system? Red eye crop dogde and burn remove unwanted objects in background adjust colour Straighten horizon.
Gives some tips for capturing Landscape shots? depth of field, lighting, and knowing your area.
Give tips for capturing macro shots? Clarity, rule of thirds, lighting and depth of field.
Two photography tips for actions shots? Fast shutter speed and knowing your what your trying to capture?
What camera setting is the most important factor in determining depth of field? Aperture
Two tips for capturing pictures of children? Give them things to do Make them comfortable. Be prepared Take lots of shots Bring props
How do you correct a photo for unwanted silhouette effect? Use flash
Created by: taylorgang