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Pharm Tech Final 3

The second set of numbers in the NDC indicates The drug name, strength and dosage form
Exempt narcotics are in this DEA schedule Schedule V
The longest phase of clinical drug testing Phase 3
A major piece of federal legislation affecting patients’ privacy rights. HIPAA
Manufacturers’ containers for prescription drugs must have this on the label “Rx only”
The non-profit organization that sets standards for the manufacture and distribution of drugs and related products in the U.S. USP
The main purpose of phase 2 clinical drug testing efficacy
The combat methamphetamine epidemic act sets ---- and ---- restrictions on the amount of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine that can be sold over the counter to an individual daily, monthly
--- refers to failure to do something that should or must be done. negligence
An independent non-profit organization that establishes standards and monitors compliance for hospitals and other health care programs. JCAHO
Which of the following DEA numbers is consistent with the DEA formula for Dr. John Doe? BD8822567
Exempt narcotics can be sold by a pharmacists to a person at least --- years of age 18
Prescriptions cannot be transferred from one pharmacy to the other false
Independent non-profit organization that sets quality standards for prescription drugs, OTC drugs, and dietary supplements USP
Independent non-profit organization which established standards and monitors compliance in hospitals, health care networks, HMOs, and nursing homes JCAHO
FDA requires drug manufacturers to file this before initiating a clinical trial in humans Investigational New Drug Application
By prescription only Legend Drug
common name given to a drug regardless of brand name Generic
Prescriptions that can be refilled up to 5 times in 6 months. C-III to C-IV
FDA requires pharmaceutical manufacturer to file this with each new drug before marketing. New Drug Application
Pharmacist in Charge PIC
Name under which the manufacture markets a drug Brand
A unique and permanent product code assigned to each drug National Drug Code
Prescription information which comes with a document on the drug product, and is also contained in a book called PDR. Package Insert
Prescriptions can never be refilled. C-II
The third set of numbers in the NDC indicates the package size
The largest area of the PTCE assisting the pharmacist in serving patients
To make an accounting of items on hand inventory
Drugs in this DEA schedule have no accepted medical use Schedule I
The ASHP has developed a national model curriculum. True
Under HIPPA, PHI stands for protected health information
Individuals in health care who are given a basic level of training designed to help them perform specific task s technicians
The Controlled Substances Act was established by the U.S. Congress
The second set of numbers in the NDC indicates the drug name, strength, and dosage form
The first set of numbers in the NDC indicates the manufacturer
This law allowed for quicker introduction of lower-cost generic drugs Hatch Waxman Act
Demonstration of competency during a pharmacy technician’s training is generally through written tests and practical demonstrations
Specific responsibilities and tasks for pharmacy technicians are determined by employers
This law defines what drugs require a prescription Durham-Humphrey Amendment
ASHP is the leading association for pharmacists practicing in hospitals and other health care systems
Being capable and qualified competent
Patient information is considered public information False
Licensed pharmacists are legally responsible for the work of pharmacy technicians and provide direct supervision of pharmacy technicians True
Technicians may sometimes provide counseling services to patients False
To renew their certification, CPhTs must complete at least 20 contact hours of pharmacy-related continuing education every two years
This law provides regulations for the transfer of patient health information Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
The organization that accredits pharmacy residency and pharmacy technician training programs ASHP
Anabolic steroids are in this DEA schedule Schedule III
The form required to order Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substances DEA Form 222
Drugs in this DEA schedule have no accepted medical use Schedule I
The first set of numbers in the NDC indicates the manufacturer
This law defines what drugs require a prescription Durham-Humphrey Amendment
It is the responsibility of ------- to provide proof that a drug is safe and effective the manufacturer
Which is not a medication that is controlled under the Combat Methamphetamine Act? Plan B
This law established the DEA as a division of the Justice Department, and classifies five levels of drugs that have potential for abuse. Controlled Substances Act
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