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nursing implicaitons

pharmacology exam 2

give one tablet every five minutes three times, assess BP prior to administering drug, monitor HR, assess for facial flushing organic nitrate/nitroglycerin
assess for edema, monitor pulse for low HR calcium channel blocker/cardizem
monitor INR, CBC, aPTT, HR, BP, cross check dose parenteral anti-coagulant/heparin
monitor INR, CBC, aPTT, HR, BP, cross check dose, assess for signs of bleeding LMWH anti-coagulant/Lovenox
monitor INR, CBC, aPTT, HR, BP, cross check dose, assess peripheral pulse oral anti-coagulant/coumadin
monitor INR, CBC, aPTT, HR, BP anti-platelet/plavix
obtain HR, BP, weight, monitor INR, CBC, aPTT, type and hold blood, must be given every 12 hours thrombolytic agent/altepase
question for pregnancy, assess baseline labs, monitor for headache statin therapy/lipitor
assess for dehydration, hearing loss, edema, check vitals before dose, assess I&O, watch for hypokalemia, and hyponatremia loop diuretic/lasix
if patient has low sodium use this drug, do not give potassium supplements, administer with food, initiate I potassium sparing diuretic/aldactone
assess for low BP, muscle cramps, dehydration, give in morning, diabetics need to adjust their diet, can cause hyperglycemia thiazide diuretic/diruril
obtain BP immediately before dose, monitor serum potassium, BUN, serum creatinine, monitor BM daily checking for consistency ACE inhibitor/enalapril
assess HR if lower than 60 hold dose, assess BP if lower than 90 hold dose, assess respirations, monitor I&O, assess extremities for coldness beta blocker/atenolol
monitor for low BP and increase HR, monitor respiratory status (listen to their lungs), do not administer if MI less than 2 weeks or is suspected calcium channel blocker/procardia
take apical pulse for 1 minute, if lower than 60 hold dose, check serum levels if lower than 1.8 hold dose, use caution with peds and geris, blood samples are best taken 6-8 hours after dose, immediately before dose, narrow margin between toxicity/therapy cardiac glycosides/digoxin
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