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Stack #61656

Acetylcysteine Mucomyst SVN Available in: 4 ml unit dose vials of 10% or 20% solution Dosage: 3-5ml of 10% or 20% Frequency: tid, qid
Albuterol sulfate Ventolin, Proventil MDI DPI SVN 90 mcg/puff 200 mcg/capsule 0.5mL (2.5mg) 2 puffs 1 capsule 0.5 % solution tid, qid tid, qid tid, qid
Belcomethasone Beclovent, BecoNase & Vanceril, Vancenase Beclovent &Vanceril BecoNase & Vancenase MDI Nasal Spray 42mcg 42mcg 2 puffs one spray per nare tid, qid tid, qid
Beractant Survanta Direct tracheal instillation Available: 200mg suspension in 8mls NS Dose: 4mls/kg Frequency: q6h -q12h x 4 Txs
Bitolterol Tornalate MDI SVN 370 mcg/puff 0.2% solution 2 puffs 1.25ml (2.5mg) q8 or tid q8 or tid
Budesonide Pulmicort Turbuhaler, Pulmicort Respules Pulmicort Turbuhaler Pulmicort Respules DPI SVN 200-mcg/cap .50mg/2.0ml bid Qd, bid Do not mix – use separate nebulizer
Calfactant Infasur Direct tracheal instillation Available: 210mg suspension in 6mls NS Dose: 3mls/kg Frequency: q6h -q12h x 4 Txs
Colfosceri. Palmitate Exosurf Neonate Direct tracheal instillation 5mls/kg in 2 divided doses q12h x 4 Txs Dry powder – 108mg- mixed with 8mls sterile H2O.
Cromolyn Sodium Intal, Nasalcrom (spray) MDI SVN Nasal Spray 800 mcg/puff Ud/1 ampule 4% solution qid 20mg/2ml (1%) 1 spray each nare qid q4h, tid
Dornase Alfa, D’Nase Pulmozyme SVN Unit dose: 2.5mg/2.5ml ampule Bid, qd Breaks polypeptide backbone. Made from human DNA genes. For: CF Patients
Ephinephrine Adrenalin SVN: 1% solution for nebulizing 0.25-0.5ml (2.5mg-5.0mg) qid Metabolized by COMT Asthma, Acute Bronchitis
Flunisolide AeroBid, Nasalide AeroBid Nasalide MPI Nasal Spray 250mcg/puff 25mcg/spray 2 puffs 2 sprays per nare bid bid
Fluticasone & Salmeterol Advair Diskus DPI 100 mcg of Fluticasone 200 mcg of Fluticasone 500 mcg of Fluticasone 50mcg of Salmeterol 1 capsule bid
Fluticasone Propionate Flovent, Flovent Rotadisk, Flonase MDI DPI SVN 44 mcg/puff 50 mcg/capsule 50mcg/spray 110mcg/puff 100 mcg/capsule 2 sprays/nare 220mcg/puff 250 mcg/capsule qd 2 puffs 1 capsule bid
Formoterol Foradil DPI 12 mcg/capsule 1 capsule bid, q 12hours
Isoproterenol Isuprel MDI SVN 103 mcg/puff 0.5% solution 2 puffs 0.5ml (2.5mg) qid qid
Ipratroprium & Albuterol Combivent, DuoNeb Combivent DuoNeb MDI SVN 18 mcg/puff/Ipratroprium 0.5 mg/Ipratropium 90 mcg/puff of Albuterol 2.5 mg of Albuterol qid qid
Ipratroprium Br Attrovent SVN: 2.5mL of a 2% sol. MDI: 2 puffs, 18mcg/puff Unit Dose: 0.02% Nasal Spray: .03% or .06% 2 sprays
Isoetharine HCL Bronkosol SVN: 0.5% solution 0.5ml (2.5mg) qid
Levalbuterol Xopenex SVN 0.31mg mixed in 3.0mls/NS 0.63mg mixed in 3.0mls/NS 1.25mg mixed in 3.0mls/NS one unit dose tid
Metaproternol Sulfate Alupent, Metaprel MDI SVN 650 mcg/puff 5% solution 2 puffs 0.3ml (15mg) tid, qid tid, qid
Montelukast Singular Oral 10 mg tablets 4mg & 5mg chewable tablets 1 tablet for children 10mg qd (1 Tab)
Nedocromil Sodium Tilade MDI 1750mcg/puff 1.75mg/puff qid
Pentamidine Isethionate NebuPent SVN: 300mg in 6ml, q mo
Pirbuterol acetate Maxair MDI 200 mcg/puff 2 puffs q4 – q6 hours
Poractant Alfa Curosur Direct tracheal instillation Available: 240mg suspension in 3mls NS Dose: 2.5mls/kg Frequency: q12h x 2 Txs
Racemic Epinephrine MicroNefrin, VaponefrinSVN: 2.25% solution for nebulizer 0.25-0.5ml (5.6mg-11.5mg) qid
Ribavirin RibavirinDose & Administration: SPAG: 6g/300ml sterile water12-18hrs/day, 3-7 days
Salmeterol Serevent MDI DPI 25 mcg/puff 50 mcg/capsule 2 puffs 1 capsule bid, q 12hours bid, q 12hours
Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium BicarbonateAvailable in: Injectable vials 4.2%-8.4% Dosage: SVN 2-5ml of 2.5% or 5.0% Frequency: q4h-q8h Direct installation: 5-10mL, PRN
Terbutaline Sulfate Brethine, BrethaireMDI 200 mcg/puff 2 puffs q4 – q6 hours
Theophylline IV: Aminophylline Oral: Quibron, Respbid, Theo-Dur Target Range: 10-20mcg/mL Toxic Ranges: 20-30mcg/mL >40mcg/mL Mild/moderate toxicity Severe toxicity Nausea, cardiac arrhythmia Seizures
Tiotropium Bromide Spriva MDI 18 mcg/puff 1 puff qd
Tobramycin TOBI SVN 300mg/5ml ampule 300mg 28 days on/28 days off
Triamcinolone Acetonide Azmacort, Nasalcort Nasal Spray 100mcg/puff 55mcg/spray 2 puffs 2 sprays/nare tid, qid, qd
Zafirlukast Accolate 20 mg tablets 1 tablet bid
Zanamirvar Relenza DPI 5mg/inhalation 2 inhalations (10mg) bid x 5 days
Zileuton Zyflo 600 mg tablets 1 tablet 600mg qd (1 Tab)
Created by: anasor