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2brt mech vent

2brt mechanical vent info. egans 42

vents can mesure what? presure, vol., flow or time
conditional variable is used for what? used by vent control circuit to make decisions. Ex: if value of a cond. variable reaches preset level, than some action occurs to change vent pattern.
how is acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema managed if hypercarbia is present? NPPV non invasive positive presure ventilation
What is NPPV used for in hypoxemic resp. failure? it is used if pt with poor outcome from intubation
when do intubate a pt with ALI/ARDS? if no improvement within 1 to 2 hours
how do you manage acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema? CPAP of 8 to 12 cm H2O with 100% O2
What are the weaning modes CPAP, SIMV, IMV, SMV
What control do you use with head injury? volume control
peep is used for what? presure at elvated level at expiration
what will peep help with? increased PaO2, increased FRC, improves o2
motion equation p=(elastance x vol) + resistance x flow)
ventilation cycle of breath initiation of inspiration, inspiration its self, end of inspiration, expiration
what are the diffrent ramps? ascending above base and decending below base
trigger variable causing breath to begin
a vent has a preset presure early in inspiration and holds it for spacific time for which inspiration ends. What cycle is it? time cycle
tidal vol is a function of a set ______ and set_________ inspiratory flow and inspiratory time
vol. cycle vent, it provides gas under positive presure during inspiration till what point? tidal vol needed reaches a preset volume
Breath initiated by the vent mandatory breath
when would I us vol control ventilation RENT Retention (CO2), Even distrubution needed, Neuro patient, Trauma to head
combination of machanical and spontanious breaths intermittent mandatory breaths
3 variables that vents control vol flow and pressure (remember that vol and flow they allways go because of the pressure)
how to figure minute ventilation vt x rr
which varible maintains preset level before inspiration begins? cycle varible
What is preset rate rate set to acomplish desired tidal vol
2 primary drive mechanismes Electric and Pneumatic
sensitivity presure drop to initiate patients breath. higher more effort, lower less effort
when do we use presure control ventilation Pt. isn't maintaining oxygnation on own, ARDS, Restrictive diseases, refractory high poximia
setting range for presure trigger .5 to 1.5 cmH2O
setting range for flow trigger 1 to 3 L/min
vent device does not directly control the delivered vol. flow control
during volume targeted ventilation what determins total cycle time? rate
what variables will help determine expiratory time? flow volume rate
what paramiter serves as baseline of all ventilators? presure
what baseline variable is used on all modern ventilators? PEEP
What are the variables a vent can control? flow volume presure
ventilator used to transport? punmatic battery fluid logic
with neuro muscular disorder which setting do I use? volume control
cause a breath to end? cycle variable
highest peak insparatory presure ascending wave
flow control variable constant? varies? flow and volume constant, presure varies
what control is used for restrictive disease? presure control (is restrictive so we need presure to get O2 into lungs)
Created by: laura2brt