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L&M Chapter 16

Social and Personality Development in Middle Adulthood

In Western Society, turning ___ years old represents an important milestone 40
Normative-Crisis Models The approach to personality development that is based on fairly universal stages tied to a sequence of age-related crises (move through fixed stages and crises)
Life Events Model The approach to personality development that is based on the timing of particular events in an adult's life rather than on age per se. For example- 21 year old having a child, like a 40 year old who just had a child
Generativity-Versus-Stagnation Stage According to ERIKSON, the stage during middle adulthood in which people consider their contributions to family and society.
Midlife Crisis A stage of uncertainty and indecision brought about by the realization that life is infinite.
How prevalent is the midlife crisis? It does occur, but not to everyone.
Big Five Personality Traits and trends over time: (OCEAN) Neuroticism (w-decreases; m-same), Extroversion (w-decreases; m-increases SLIGHTLY), Openness (decreases), Agreeableness (increases), Conscientiousness (increases)
How does happiness change over life? Happiness stays stable over most lives, even when something like "winning the lottery" happens.
The overall divorce rate has ______ (increased or decreased) in the last two decades? Decreased
Prevalence of divorce among couples during midlife is _________ (increasing or decreasing). Increasing
Empty Nest Syndrome The experience that relates to parents' feelings of unhappiness, worry, loneliness, and depression resulting from their children's departure from home.
Boomerang Children Young adults who return, after leaving home for some period, to live in the homes of their middle-aged parents.
Sandwich Generation Couples who in middle adulthood must fulfill the needs of both their children and their aging parents.
Cycle of Violence Hypothesis The theory that abuse and neglect of children leads them to be predisposed to abusiveness as adults. NOT ALWAYS TRUE- 2/3 do not abuse their children.
Burnout A situation that occurs when workers experience dissatisfaction, disillusionment, frustration, and weariness from the job
Generativity Guiding and encouraging future generations
Stagnation People focus on the triviality of their life and feel that they have only made a limited contribution to the world
Alternate Approach to Stagnation Keep the meaning vs. rigidity- ages 45-55- Strive to give meaning to life, and accept other's strengths and weaknesses
Gould's Transformations in Adult Development: 7 Stages Associated with age periods outlining desires and goals of general age group.
Levinson's Seasons of Life Early 40's: Time of questioning-midlife transition First signs of aging occur Doubt value of accomplishments Understand that they are unable to accomplish all their aims before they die
1 in __ women will get divorced after the age of 40 8
___ to ___% of divorced people eventually remarry within 2-5 years 75-80%
What percentage of college graduates have student loans with at least an average of $10,000. 50%
3 Styles of Grandparenting Involved, Companionate, Remote
Every time the unemployment rate goes up __% there is a ___% rise in suicide and also a rise in admissions to psychiatric hospitals 1%, 4%
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