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ch 30 physics

digital display QC

Who are the SMPTE? the society of motion picture and television engineers
The pattern used to make measurements of the resolution of display systems is the _________. SMPTE
What 2 committees set the standard for DICOM? ACR, and NEMA
How are medical images transferred? thru the DICOM standard
This allows the transfer of medical images from one DICOM display to another DICOM display to remain consistent in grayscale? perceptual linearization
In 1998, _______ released the first set of standards for flat panel displays. VESA
____________ is a procedure manual for testing all digital display devices. AAPM TG 18
This is used to evaluate monitor display reflection ands to assess ambient light conditions? illuminance meter
How many types of luminance meters are there? 2
What type of luminance meter is used to test from a distance of 1meter? telescopic
What test pattern is used the most for QC testing of the digital display devices? AAPM TG 18
The luminance meter requires the use of properly calibrated _________. photometers
What 2 photometers can test for luminance response? telescopic, near-range
What does TG in AAPM TG 18 stand for? task group
Geometric distortion can be tested by which test pattern? TG 18 LPV/LPH or TG 18 QC
How should the test pattern appear in the question above? have the appearance of straight lines in the pattern
What are the 2 types of reflection? specular, diffuse
This type of reflection occurs when light is ramdomly scattered onto the monitor. diffuse
This type of reflection results in the generation on mirror images of light sources surrounding the monitor. specular
Monochrome monitors reduce the amount of _______ reflection because of an improved _______________ coating. specular, anti-reflective
Diffuse reflection can be tested by this type of pattern. TG 18-AD
For the pattern above, what factor can you change when testing the diffuse reflection level? turn on or off the ambient light
What really is ambient light???? Basically its light that is already present, whether it be natural or artificial
What test is done to perform a qualitative evaulation of the luminance response of a digital diaplay device? TG 18 CT
What angle is best for viewing a digital display monitor? straight on!
What test pattern is used to measure display resolution? TG 18-CX
What test pattern is used to measure the level of noise? TG 18-AFC
What test pattern should shoiuld be viewed daily? TG 18-QC
Who is in charge of daily Quality Control issues? A QC tech should be assigned to do the daily testing
When developing a QC program, what factors must be included? acceptance test of any new digital device, routine QC by tech, periodic reviews of QC program by medical physicist, annual and post repair performance evaluations
All this was off your power point in BOLD letters! Review the Power Point!
Created by: radgirl37