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Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Upright cassette A device that holds a film in an upright position for radiography.
Tissue Density Anatomic structures such as bone or fat that will absorb more or less radiation.
X-ray beam Cone shaped concentration of x-rays in the radiation field.
X-ray field The cross section of the x-ray beam at the point where it is utilized.
Central ray An imaginary line in the center of the x-ray beam, perpendicular to the long axis of the x-ray tube.
X-ray port An opening through which x-rays traveling in a useful direction exit the tube housing.
X-ray tube The most important part of the x-ray machine.
Remnant radiation Exit radiation. Radiation that exits throught the opposite side of the patient after the exposure is made.
Latent image An invisible pattern of exposure caused by radiation passing through a film holder and an x-ray film.
Scatter radiation Travels out from the absorbing material in all directions, causing unwanted exposure to the film and to anyone who is in the room.
Attenuation Absorption of the x-ray beam.
Radiation fog Unwanted film exposure caused by scatter radiation.
Image receptor system Consists of the x-rays film and the film holder.
Cassette Protects the film from damage and exposure to light during radiography.
Computed radiography (CR) These imaging systems use special image receptors instead of film.
Collimator A box-like devise attached under the tube housing. It allows the radiographer to vary the size of the radiation field.
Control booth Contains the control console. Usually has a lead glass window so that the radiographer can observe the patient during the exposure.
Trendelenburg position The head lowered at least 15 degrees
Detent A special mechanism that tends to stop a moving part in a specific location.
Control console Located in the control booth. Has buttons and switches for controlling the exposure and dials or digital readouts that indicate the settings.
Bucky A moving grid. Also includes the film tray.
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