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AP Lit

Allegory Extended narrative in which there is a surface story and deeper meaning.
Analogy Comparison.
Anaphora Repetition at the beginning of something to emphasize an idea.
Aphorism Brief statement of an opinion or elemental truth.
Apostrophe Direct address to someone who is not present.
Assonance Repetition of a vowel sound within a group of words or lines.
Blank Verse Unrhymed, iambic pentameter.
Caesura A Pause.
Carpe Diem "Seize the Day"
Connotation Abstract Meaning
Consonance Repetition of 2+ consonants, with interchanging vowel. ("Pitter- Patter")
Couplet Pair of rhymed lines.
Denotation Formal definition.
Elegy Formal meditative poem or lament of the dead.
Elipses ...
Epistrophe Ending with the same word(s).
Euphemism A more socially acceptable term.
Foil Opposite character to bring out the character's traits.
Foot Combo of stressed and unstressed syllables that make up the metric unit of a line.
Free Verse Poetry that doesn't follow a prescribed form.
Jargon Pattern of speech.
Juxtaposition Placement of an idea next to its opposite.
Lyric Poem in which the speaker expressed intensely person emotion or thoughts.
Malapropism Comic word play in which one word is mistakenly used for a similar one.
Metaphor Implicit comparison, w/o "like" or "as."
Meter Pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.
Metonymy Name of one thing is substituted for another that is closely related.
Metric Line A line named according to the number of feet composing it.
Ode Lyric poem that is serious in subject and treatment.
Paradox FOS that creates mental ambiguity for the reader to seek clarity.
Parallelism Patter that creates rhyme of repetition.
Panegyric Literary expression of praise.
Pun Play on words.
Refrain A line repeated in a poem.
Repetition Repeating for emphasis.
Rhyme Echo or imitation of a sound.
Rhythm Sense of movement.
Shift Change.
Soliloquy Speech in which a character is alone and expresses his or her thoughts.
Sonnet 14 Lined poem.
Stanza Group of lines that forms a division of a poem.
Symbol Object that signifies something greater than itself.
Synecdoche FOS in which a part is substituted for a whole. (car- "wheels")
Theme Conveyed insight to life.
Verse Line of metrical language, in contrast to prose.
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