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Social Science Vocab

Semester 1 Vocab

Experience Pattern Pattern of learnin w/ five steps:perception, thoughts, conceptualizatin, action, reaction
Conceptualization picturing in the mind
Multiple Causation likelihood that and effect has many causes
Ideology set of beliefs
Propaganda info designed to convince people to do /belive something
Relevant related to the problem
Analogy pairs of directly related items or ideas
Critical Thinking thinking clearly w/ a purpose in mind
Irrelevant unrelated to the problem
Bias slanted view of something
Brainstorming lateral thinking tecnique
Consistent agreement between words and actions
Syllogism 2 statements that lead to a conclusion
Perception gathering info through senses
Inference thoery based on evidence
Almanac reference work of specific factsf of different topics
subject card tyupe of card found in card catalog that gives info about a book; about the topic
Dewey Decimal classification of nonfiction books into ten categories
Time Log record of personal activities (Hour by hour)
Title card card in cataloggives info about a book; title
INdex list of important name/ideas in a boook or other work; back of book
association system of memorization which 2 images are commected in the mind
reference Reading reading to do reaserch on facts
Glossary list of words w/ definitions; back of book
Concept tree method for organizing consepts and factss
Rote memorization through concentratin w/out use of aids
Chunking memorizin by organizing
Represion defense mechanism is which a person makes and excuse hat is not the reason for the action
Id represents most basic drives for food, water, survival and pleasure
Superego concerning right and wrong
operant conditioning training a subject to perform a certain action by rewarding when it does good
negative reinforcement punishment
classical conditioning pairing of neutral stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus
rationalization defense mechanism in which a peson makes and excuse that is no the reason for the action
Ego helps a person be realistic, and balances the id and the superego
Self Actulization last step; being the best you can be
Empathy feelin as another person
projection defense mechanism in which ones faults are shifted to someone elses
Stimulus something that causes a response
socailization process in which and individual learns the rules of society
folkway custon in the society;polite
value idea or beilief about the goodness and badness of a person, thing situation, or action
mobility change in status within a society
Mores a serious moral judgement
Negative sanctions punishment for violating a norm
Norms develop from a society's basic beliefs and values
Nuclear Family Family structure w/ husband, wife, and children
society large group made of primary and secondary groupsand 2 or more communities
positive sanction reward for obeying norms
role specific set of behavior patterns conforming to the expextations of society
Status position and individual holds on the ladder of social stratification
Social class group indefiable by the calues, actions, and possessions of its members
Social INstitution rather unchanging way that society has for survival; five major Family, Government, education, economy, religion
Corroboration process of findeing peoces of evidence tha support each other
Evidence records of the past used by historians; sources
History study of people and events of the past
local government governments of cities, towns, and counties
delegated powers powers according the constitution, that the states gave to the federal government
division of powers certain powers to the states and othe powers to the federal government w/ some shared by both
seperation of powers of certain specific powers ot each of the three
constituents peple representd in governemnent by an elected official
fascist super patriot
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