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Chapter 13 Lesson 3

Social Studies

a person who is known for a special achievement hero
What did American soliders think the letter U and S meant on meat crates sold by Samuel Wilson Uncle Sam
soemthing that stands for something else symbol
Why is education believed to be such an important part of being a citizen A democracy where people govern themselves and are expected to understand the issues depends on educated citizens
values virtues
What are some patriotic symbols? Liberty Bell Miss Liberty American Flag Bald Eagle and George Washington
How did changes in language and education make Americans feel more connected to one another? Americans shared standardized language a school system and new literature about American life all of which helped give the new nation its own identity
What led to an increase of patriotic heroes and symbols following the war of 1812? Americans were proud of successfully fighting Britain twice the new unity of the 13 states and the growth of the country
Created by: kozmo19