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Sound and Light

What part of the electromagnetic spectrum can we see? visible light
White light splits into the full spectrum of colors.
What order does the spectrum of color follow? ROYGBIV
Light entering a glass of water bends or refracts
When light bounces off an opaque surface it is reflecting or refracting? reflecting
When we see a red object we are really seeing ... red being reflected back into our eyes
When all the colors are absorbed, the color is black
When all the colors are being reflected into our eye, the color of the object is white
A mirror that is curved IN is concave
The back of the spoon curved outward is a _________ mirror convex
A magnifying glass is like a convex lens
The rearview mirror or dept. store mirrors are examples of convex mirrors
Light travels in _____ lines. straight lines
Light can travel through empty space. True or False? true
Sound Can NOT travel through _______. empty space.
Are light waves slower than sound waves? NO
Sound needs a _________to travel through or we couldn't hear it! medium
Does sound travel faster through air or metal? metal
Amplitude is the height of a sound wave, how loud the sound is.
Top part of a wavelength? crest
Bottom part of a wave is the trough
Crest to crest is a wavelength
The ________is a receiver of light. eye
Between air, brick, or glass, which material does sound travel fastest through? Glass-it is more dense
The higher the pitch of a sound, the frequency increases or decreases?.... increases
If the pitch lessens, then the frequency also lessens
Light does not travel through _________objects: transparent, translucent, or opaque? opaque
Light travels best through what type of objects? transparent objects
Describe how a wave would look if the frequency was high and amplitude was very soft. The wavelengths would be short (close together) and the height of the wave would be short.
Waves are a transfer of energy
True or False. Ultraviolet, radio waves, microwaves and visible light are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. True
If you are on team ozone, email mrs. young the correct answer for a treat to this question....I see a reflection of Tom Brady behind me in the mirror I'm holding up. Tell me the order the light would follow from source to receiver. paulayoung@ga.ozark.k12.mo.us
Created by: mrsyoung