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TCOCD Vocabulary

Based on the book the True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

ardent enthusiastic; passionate
fateful controlled as if by fate; of great importance
sallow of a sickly yellowish color
decorum proper behavior
loathsome horrid, offensive
amiss out of proper order; incorrect
compliance a tendency to yield to the will of others
vexation annoyance, irritation
reprieve the postponment or cancelation of a punishment
beguiling charming in a deceptive way
censure blame; criticism
impertinence insolence; rudness
presumptuous going beyond what is proper
refined polite, well-bred
severity the quality of being stern; harshness
dexterous skillful; good with one's hands
bilge stagnant, or not moving, water
grotesque hideous; bizarre
congenial friendly; pleasant
naive innocent; trusting
unstinting generous; unselfish
punctilious attentive to small, insignificant details
servility submissiveness; allowing others to take control
doldrums ocean weather conditions marked by still water and occasional light winds
surmise an opinion based on inconlusive evidence
putrid foul smelling; rotten
ruffians gang members; hoodlums
gumption guts; courage
supplication a request humbly or earnestly, as by praying
folly a lack of good sense; foolish
restitution the act of paying for a loss or damages
petitioner one who makes a formal plea or request
caucus solicit votes; conduct a survey
palsy a muscle paralysis that often leads to shaking of other uncontrollable body movements
clamber to climb with difficulty
demise death
willful done on purpose; deliberately
tumultuous disorderly; chaotic
prophesy a prediction of the future
conspiracy an agreement to act together toward a wrongful or illegal end
capital calling for the death penalty
scuttlebutt rumors; gossip
steadfast loyal
portentously in a pompous or egotistical way
solemnity the condition of being serious
apparition a ghostly figure
ruefully in a regretful way
urgency the condition of requiring immediate attention
meddle to interfere with other people's business
inexplicable hard of impossible to explain
melancholia a severe depression
memento a keepsake; a reminder of the past
edifying educational; encouraging moral improvement
balustrade a rail and the posts that support it
reclamation the act of restoring to morality
Created by: kmaki