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Scenic art1

Scenic Art basics

Hard Scenery anything that is framed by hard material, flats and platforms
Theatrical Flats Hard Scenery, uses keystones, cornerblocks and toggles to keep it together
TV/Hollywood Flats Framing is on edge, hard covered
Reveal around window/door to make the flat look thicker
Sil Iron Strip of iron on the bottom of the door flat
standard Platforms size 4ftx8ft
Stress skin platform 2x2 frame 1/2" ply on both sides, low profile
Parallels platform Collapsible boxes for decks and platforms
Soft scenery Scenery with no framing
Drape Curtains, Masking, has vertical seems, made of velor
Drop Flat, no fullness, can be painted, made of muslin, horizontal seems
Traveller Drape that moves horizontally
Tab curtain Pulls diagonal from center
Contor Curtain Lines are vertical, longer at ends gives a circular opening
Austrian Drape scalloped at bottom, all lines the same hight and vertical, fulness is horizontal
Pocket Holds a chain or pipe for the soft scenery
Cyc a drop, back drop usually used for mixing colors, usually white (sometimes called a skydrop)
Cut Drop Middle cut out of muslin, can be walked through, usually down stage
Netted cut drop A cut drop that has netting in the area without muslin to keep its shape
border drop above stage
legs drops on the side of the stage
batten Pipe that attaches to scenery
loft blocks pulleys above scenery
Head blocks pulleys above weights
Single purchase counter weight system used to raise and lower scenery, it is weighted directly
Arbor holds the weights
Locking rail Locks the rope to not move
Double purchase CW system Moves half the distance, doubles the weight needed
Roll or OLEO drop Rolls drop up drom bottom around a pipe
How to Fly hard scenery attach from bottom
casters wheels on scenery
dumb/strait casters casters that don't swivle
Smart/swivle casters Casters that can swivle and turn
Jack Put on the back of a flat to keep it standing
Tip Jack It is tilted, lifts casters off floor when in position
Wagon platform on casters
Pallet Low profile platform, on rollers, has beveled edges
Skid Uses furnature glides, needs a smooth stage, very low profile
Track A grove in the floor that guide the platform
Turntable/Revolve turning platform using drives or winches
Doughnut a turn table going around another going in the opposite direction
Lift used to bring actors and small scenery to the stage above, smaller than elevator, built as part of scenery
Elevator Bigger than lifts, usually built into the theatre itself
Jack Knife a way of pivoting platforms on one pivot point
Controllable qualities of light Distrubution, Intensity, Color and Movement
What makes up light distribution direction, Quality, shape, size
What are the functions of light? visibility, selected focus, Modeling, Mood/atmosphere
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