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Lannert - SS Unit 6

Unit 6 - Africa

What two deserts lie in the southern region of Africa? Namib and Kalahari
What is the second largest continent in the world? Africa
Africa contains how many countries and islands? 47 countries and 6 island nations.
What is the highest point in Africa? Mt. Kilimanjaro in the Ethiopian Highlands.
What three climates does Madagascar have? Tropical in the east, Tropical wet/dry in the northwest and central and semiarid in the southwest
Most of Africa's climate is _______ all year. warm
West Africa is ____ in the North and _________ as you move South. warm, tropical
What is the largest desert in the world and in Africa? the Sahara
East Africa is dry, except in the Ethiopian Highlands, which has a highlands climate and the southern part with a tropical wet and dry climate.
2/5 of Africa is Tropical Grassland or Savanna.
What is the largest country in Africa? Sudan
What is the smallest country in Africa? Seychelles
North Africa is mainly desert
West Africa is Tropical grassland and rain forest
East Africa is Tropical grassland and Highlands
Central and Southern Africa is Broadleaf Evergreens to Desert.
How many different languages are spoken in Africa? 2,000 languages.
What languages are widely used? Arabic and Swahili
Why is Africa called the birthplace of the human race? Because scientists have found human bones dating back millions of years in Africa.
Around 300 C.E., what three great kingdoms rise in Africa? Ghana, Mali, and Songhai.
Where did the three kingdoms wealth come from? Trade across the Sahara of gold, ivory and slaves for copper and salt from Arab traders who also spread Islam.
Who came to Africa in the 1400s? Europeans
Where did the Portuguese set up their colony for gold? In the West Coast, but soon shipped slaves to Europe.
When did Atlantic Slave trade end? Around 1850.
During 1700-1800, what made up most of Africa? European colonization
In 1957, a country rebelled against the European rule and was the first black African nations to gain independence. What was the country? Ghana, and within 10 years, most other areas had become independent of colonial rule.
What conflicts did the newly Independent countries face? Few were prepared for self rule, struggled to create stable governments, and had ethnic tensions in countries.
In 2002, most African nations formed the African Union to help promote peace, human rights and improve public health.
About how many people live in Africa? 905 million people.
What religions is most wide spread in Africa? Christianity. Then Islamic and then Indigenous.
More than 1/2 of Africa's farmland is used for what? Subsistence farming
Most Trade and Manufacturing is done in what country, in Africa? South Africa
What are the grasslands of North and East Africa used for? Nomadic herding
What industries are important Africa? Mining. Oil in the North and West. Diamond and Gold mines in the Cental and Southern portions.
What is South of the Sahara? The Sahel, which is mostly grassland.
What is the third longest rive in Africa? the Niger River, which flows through the Sahel.
Most of Africa is a what? High Plateau in the center, with several low lying basins that four mighty rivers flow from.
The Sahel also contains- Lake Chad, which has been shrinking in size over many years.
What is the longest freshwater lake in the world? Lake Tanganyika
What is the world's second largest freshwater lake? Lake Victoria
What is the world's 9th largest lake? Lake Malawi
What does Central and Southern Africa have? the Congo Basin, containing the Congo River and the Zambezi River, which has many waterfalls including Victoria Falls.
North Africa is- Desert, with areas along the Mediterranean Sea with a Mediterranean Climate.
What is the climate in Central and Southern Africa? It varies from Tropical near the Equator, Marine West Coast on the Indian Ocean, Humid Subtropical in other coastal regions and Dry in the South.
Burkina Faso is a ___________ country. landlocked
What is a small, narrow country on the Atlantic? Benin
What is the capital of Benin? Porto Novo
What is the biggest city and chief port in Benin? Cotonou
In Burkina Faso, farmers build _____ _________. stone barriers
Where do people in Burkina Faso get clean drinking water from? deep wells
What is one of the poorest countries in the world? Burkina Faso
It's a ____________ country. landlocked
It gets ____ from ___________. help - organizations
Cameroon is also called "The Hinge of Africa", because it is in the right corner of Africa.
Cameroon is 180,000 square miles and is slightly larger than California.
The capital of Cameroon is Yaounde.
What is the leading industry of Cameroon? Oil Refining
1/3 of Cameroon is an Agricultural economy.
Cameroon is one of the leading producers of Cocoa.
What two languages are mainly spoken in Cameroon? English & French
What three religious groups are in Cameroon? Christianity, Islam, & Indigenous religions.
Cameroon is also called "Africa in miniature".
Cameroon has over 200 ethnic groups.
Cameroon does offshore drilling.
Gambia and Senegal are along the Atlantic Ocean.
What is the smallest country in Africa? Gambia
What is Gambia's capital? Banjul
What is Senegal's capital? Dakar
Dakar is Senegal's _________ city and the center of ___________ activity. largest - economic
Dakar was established by _______ colonists. French
Senegal has ___________ farming. subsistence
Senegal plants trees and are trying to better their environment.
90 % of the people in Gambia & Senegal are Muslim.
What defines Senegal's borders? The Senegal River.
Guinea has a ______ - __________ climate. Humid Subtropical
Most of the people in Guinea are Muslims - though some are Roman Catholic.
Guineas is _______ - ___________ and high in poverty. under developed
More than a million refugees have infiltrated what country? Guinea
Half of the population don't have drinkable water.
Guinea has a high infant mortality rate.
What is the capital of Guinea? Conakry
Sierra Leone has _____ geographic regions. four
What is the capital of Sierra Leone? (It is also the one of the world's largest natural harbor.) Freetown
What is the economy like in Sierra Leone? It is a Subsistence Farming economy.
What other economic activity exists in Sierra Leone? Mining, mainly Diamonds and Iron Ore.
What country had a 10 year civil war, ending in 1999? Sierra Leone
It is a haven for _____ ________. free slaves
What was Freetown chosen as in 1787? It was selected as a region for freed slaves.
Creoles are descendants of whom? Freed slaves.
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