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Abbrev, Prefixs & Suffixs

Abbreviation, Prefix or SuffixMeaning
-algia pain
Aur(i) ear
gluc(o) sugar
hepat(o) liver
post after
rect(o) behind
allergy abnormal reaction to a substance
anesthetic drug used to decrease sensation (local or general)
bactericide killer of bacteria
-cide to kill
bradycardia slow heart beat
tachycardia fast heart beat
cardi(o)- heart
carcinogen any substance that causes cancer
coagulation blood clotting process
etiology study of the cause of disease
hypotension low blood pressure
hypertension high blood pressure
pathogene any substance that causes a disease
vasoconstrictor narrowing of blood vessels
-mycin antibiotic
-ole fungal
Asa Aspirin
Acet or APAP Acetaminophen
Tab or T tablet
Cap capsule
Liq Liquid
gtt drop
Ibu Ibuprofen
sus suspension
Q or q every
QD everyday
D daily
H hour
Q6H every 6 hours
BID twice daily (bi)
TID three times daily (tri)
QID 4 x daily (quad)
x 10d for 10 days
am morning
noon noon
p noon afternoon
pm evening
hs (hour of sleep) bedtime
1-2 t one to two tablets
PRN as needed
10 mg 10 miligrams
tsp teaspoon = 5 mL
tbl tablespoon = 15 mL
oz ounce = 30 mL
i 1
ii 2
iii 3
iv 4
v 5
x 10
ss 1/2
C 100
NPO nothing by mouth
c with
s without
OES on empty stomach
AC before meals
PC after meals
CC with meals
stat immediately
PO by mouth
PR per rectal
OS left eye
AS left ear
AD right ear
OD right eye
OU both eyes
AU both ears
Inter- between or among
Intra- within, into or inside
arteri(o)- blood vessels or arteries
ather(o)- fatty substance or plague
arthr(o)- joints
ileum connects to the stomach
my(o)- muscle
py(o)- puss
pyro- fire or heat
hydr(o)- water
-ectomy surgical removal of
-ostomy surgical opening/mouth
-graphy picture or graph
-graph device or instrument
-gram picture or recording
@ at
DC or D/C discontinue
et and
inj injection
IV intravenous
sig directions
ophth instill in eye
top topical
supp suppository
syr syrup
L 50
cc cubic centimeter
dil dilute
GI gastrointestinal
gt or gtt drop(s)
h hour
IM intramuscular
noc night
qns quantity not sufficient
Sub Q or SQ subcutaneous
ad up to
SL subligual (under tongue)
otic instill in ear
oint ointment
vag vaginally
aq water
mg milligram
Coronal Body Plane front & back portions
Sagittal Body Plane left & right portions
Transverse Body Plane top & bottom portions
UNG ointment
rx - receipe take
K Potassium
Na Sodium
? lbs is = 1 kg 2.2 lbs
Avg adult BSA (for ped dose calculations) = 1.73 m squared
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